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Hi, I'm TAW. I write terrible erotic my little pony fan fiction about cartoon horses having sex with each other, or vaguely defined human audience-inserts, for fun. Because... uh. I have no shame?

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Contest results · 11:17am Dec 11th, 2012

I apologise for my tardiness on this, I've had a very very busy week. Now I have time to do stuff, though, which is nice.

Aegis Shield:




Esle Ynopemos:






So that's that! Hopefully the judging won't take unbearably long now.

Also, I love the fact the new design makes the featured box go away, but hate how the rest of the front page seems geared towards making it harder for a story to distinguish itself, with limited length descriptions and images so small they're pointless. I also find the continuing lack of any kind of mobile optimised interface silly.

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Isn't a bit cheap by the better writers to submit old stories?

Aegis takes the #1 spot with zero effort.

I really have to stop this writing thing.

Especially since I think most people do their reading on mobile devices. I know I do.

I Love the new set up, it is easily navigated and looks better. I do however have one problem , the downloading of stories. I often download the stories i am going to read as a html document of the full story rater than reading it through the site itself. It lets me read full stories without internet. But after the change, the formatting has become rater wierd.
Taken from the html version of the wind beneath her wings

"Oh, and this one was taken at last year's try-outs!"

And isnt it kinda cheap that authors can submit their oldest and best stories?


I was pretty open at the start that OCxMain stories were highly unlikely to win, so not really. I'm surethe story is good, but the ppoint of the contest was uncommon and thoughtful shipping, and OC stories are just romance, as far as I'm concerned. I did tell people this.

Oh, that's nice. Then it'll be interesting to see who ends up winning.

Seeing my name up there with the link to the story has finally made it hit home.

Oh dear god, what have I done? :raritydespair:

Nervous as all hell now. :applejackconfused:

Whenever you announce contests like these, I say I will write a story. Then I see I have to compete with better writers so my writing fire is doused and I stop.

Hell, my sandwiches forgive me!:pinkiehappy::fluttercry:

Too busy with finals to read these just yet, but they're all going on my Read Later list. Good luck, everyone!

Aw, Cloudy's fic is in here? Well, this contest is over!

Yay! First: Firedance, because Derpy! Then: In Search of Knowledge, because Cheerilee! No Twijack unfortunately, but oh well, this is good still:heart:

I'm going to say it since no one else has.

I find your lack of hotlinks disturbing

I know right? Pretty sure my heart skipped a beat when I saw this.


I find your use of "hotlink" to describe linking to a resource on the same site disturbing. That's a hyperlink, friend :)

But yes, I was lazy and on my phone. Ain't touching formatting on fimf's impressively poor mobile experience.

600246 meh, I commented right after I'd woken up... Although to be fair I call hyperlink and hotlink the same thing, I'm imprecise like that.

Feel free to call me a bad pony and ship my OC with someone awkward... actually please don't


You have no idea how encouraging it is to read that. You just made the top of my "awesome person of the day" list. Have a happy Rarity.


The butterflies have gone missing from Fluttershy's flank and they're currently doing somersaults in my stomach. :twilightblush:

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