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New chapters coming very soon · 12:25am Feb 6th, 2022

No, the story isn't dead! I have a new chapter up on my patreon, which should be posting here in a week or two give or take. Hopefully with more to come a bit faster then before!

In addition, I could also use some griffon OCs if anyone wants to volunteer one. I doubt they will got more then name checked with one or two lines of dialog, but it will be better then just generic griffon #27. I can't promise anyone will be used, but it would be a great help to have.

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Yay, looking forward to new chapters. Funny you should ask for griffon OC's, as I have one, Gavin that you're free to use.

Eeeeee!!!! More gilda is great!!!

I has a griffon reference sheet but it is mature in content. Not sure if ya are okay with that. I can link it to ya privately 8f so.

Well I’ve had the concept of a griffin named Grizzelda for a while now.

She’s an elderly classic lion-eagle griffon with coat and feathers dulled with age covered in old battle scars.

Her backstory is that she left Griffonstone in her youth dreaming of becoming a great adventurer. Circumstances and the reality of survival out away from civilization caused her to fall in with a band of mercenaries. She discovered she had an aptitude for the lifestyle and she rose through the ranks over the years and was elected captain of the band when the previous captain a Minotaur named Steel Grip caught a freak crossbow bolt through the eye-slit of his helmet while clearing out a bandit camp. She was very successful and built a formidable reputation over decades. Eventually age and accumulated injuries caught up with her and she stepped down because the nature of the band required a “lead from the front,” style that she wasn’t physically capable of anymore. She honestly expected to go like Steel Grip at some point and the fact that she survived to retirement caught her flat-footed and directionless. Then she hears about the supposed “Griffonstone renaissance,” and decides she might as well check it out for lack of anything better to do.

Strengths: Utterly unfazeable, experienced in almost every form of combat against almost every species, superb contract negotiator

Weaknesses: Has almost completely forgotten what ordinary civilian life is like, intellectually knows that her body can’t do what it used to but hasn’t internalized that fully yet and could overexert herself if not careful, is gruff and cantankerous even by griffin standards

Rayna, osprey+snow leopard, comes from a small tribe that lives on a mountainside to the north of Griffonstone. Professional monster hunter.

You should cameo Graciella.

I've got Snowfall a motherly hen with white eagle features leading into sky blue and the body of a panther.

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