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A weird little EQG/Buffy story idea · 8:38pm Jul 1st, 2023

So, had this idea pop into my head a couple of days ago, and thought I would try writing up just to get it down on paper. I should say that if you’re not familiar with Buffy, this might be more then a bit confusing.

The core of the idea is that the mirror portal connects to Sunnydale high, putting Sunset into the Buffyverse, though instead of following Sunset in this arrangement, the story would focus on Twilight and Spike as they chase after Sunset to try and recover her crown. They would land in late Season 3 of Buffy, and have to team up with the Scoobies to stop her. Oh, and this time Sunset’s plan isn’t to attack Equstria with an army of brainwashed teens, but to open the Hell Mouth and use the monsters that would flood out as her army.

Sunset would have quickly realized getting involved with the gang would not be good for her, and as such made sure to stay off their radar for the most part and avoiding them otherwise. She’s also smart enough to realize that trying to break up the gang wouldn’t help her in the long run (it’s hard to execute her own plans when the world has been destroyed). She did take over the Queen Bee role at the school from Cordelia after she lost it.

The story would be rather different due to being in the Buffyverse, and I doubt there would be a dance to try and win. I could also see the Mayor sending out Faith to try and stop Sunset, because his plans still need the world to be around for at least a little bit longer.

Funny enough, you can kind of wedge the Scoobies into the roles of the Elements, though it sometimes does take a little squinting. Some are easy, Cordelia is Honesty (even if it’s the ‘no filter’ type of honesty), Oz would be Kindness, Willow would be Laughter, Xander is Generosity and Buffy is Loyalty.

Still, the story would end much the same way as the EQG movie, and leaving Sunset behind in the care of the Scoobies. The events of Rainbow Rocks might work better during the summer before college, possible focus on Oz and his band instead of the full gang. Without Sci!Twi being around, the Friendship games wouldn’t happen, and I doubt Camp Everfree would happen either. On the other hand, I could see some version of the Memory Stone happening near the start of season 5. It would result in Sunset losing all the fake memories of Dawn, leaving her very confused about things. It might also be fun to have her Willow and Giles (or Tara) to Equstria to try to find the information on the stone.

I doubt I would be writing this idea anytime soon, but would be happy to brainstorm if someone else wants to run with it.

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