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  • Tuesday
    Poor Hitch...

    Be nice, girls.

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  • Tuesday
    Miles' Burger Bun Bonanza, Part 2

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  • 1 week
    Rant: The Halo TV series is lower than fan fiction.

    And I say that as someone who has been creating fan fiction for 15 years.

    No matter what IP I work with, I'm proud when readers say that my work remains largely within the confines of an established character's mannerisms, behavior, and personality. On the very rare occasion which I don't (Letters) it is because the out-of-character behavior is the primary driving force in a comedic effort.

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  • 1 week
    Miles' Burger Bun Bonanza

    So this morning, the restaurant I work at got the incorrect buns delivered, and my boss, after taking three packs for himself, told me to do whatever I want with the rest.

    Naturally, I took them home on break.

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  • 2 weeks
    Next chapter of Sunrise has been started.

    I know a common criticism of my chapters of Forgotten: Sunrise is the length of the chapters.

    After taking a week off of MLP to put out a 5k-word chapter for one of my Sonic stories, I figure I'll try to do the same for the next chapter of Sunrise, as long as it's not dull, but rather interesting and fluffy.

    No promises.

    Just wanted to give everypony an update.

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So Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard today. · 10:53pm January 18th

My entertainment today has mainly been giggling at entitled internet morons who don't have a damned clue what a "monopoly" is, and just throw it around as a buzzword. Even with this acquisition, Microsoft is still smaller than Sony and Tencent.

I don't care how golden his parachute is, get Kotick the fuck out of there.

Short term I expect nothing to change. Longer term, well, that's when things get interesting.

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Comments ( 20 )

...... I don't know how to feel about this news.

This is really out of control now why would they want to buy blizzard

Activision Blizzard. A lot more than just Blizzard.

Probably because the sex abuse allegations drove the stock price down far enough to make it a good deal for them.

Bobby probably sitting there waiting to get kicked out, that day can't come soon enough. It'll be cool to see what Microsoft has planned long term.

At the very least Gamepass is going to be an even more appealing with everything they might add.

I just see it as a bit shot across the bow to every9ne we are here and we are serous

I mean as soon as it's finalized CoD will definatly go Xbox/PC excuseive and thats just he tip of the iiceburg

Also wonder what's going to happen to the launcher long-term.

Not that it's any skin off of my back, the only thing I use Bnet for is StarCraft.

Not much I can really say. I'm still mad at Microsoft for how badly they fucked up the Xbox 360 debacle.

After all that was just revealed about Blizzard, Microsoft is inheriting a mess. Let's hope they're up to snuff on damage control.

I guess you got a good point but until something change like getting rid of Boss I don't think this will be a good idea

I believe in terms of damage control, a buyout is the most positive outcome.

I haven't used since Destiny 2 was on it. I uninstalled it the day Shadowkeep came out.
Honestly now that I think about it, Bungie celebrating their split from Activision makes more sense after everything that has come to light.

You know, I was just wondering what those guys were thinking today.

Not that I'm a Bungie fan by any measure; the way they vault paid content in Destiny 2 should be absolutely illegal.

This is a good news for me.A great step forward to fix and rebuild both Activision and especially for Blizzard,I mean look what they did to Minecraft.

I trust Phil Spencer.He did so much to earn our trust for him,I pray for the future for good result.

I don't believe they actually care, they just want the games to make money. This purchase has probably been in the planning for a loooong time. So they were most likely thrilled with the sex abuse. Just because it made the whole deal cost less money.

Microsoft will change things to force fans to do things their way, then wonder why they're losing sales.

New hero in Overwatch Minecraft Steve.

i dont see why it wouldn’t be illegal at least let us play with it offline

Because newcomers to the game would be so far out of the story loop that the only thing that would possibly matter would be the numbers on their gear.

Bungie royally fucked up on their engine if it cant handle four years worth of content. No other MMO vaults content like that, especially not the main campaign that the game shipped with. It's pathetic.

I'm mostly having a giggle at the Sony fanboys/girls (not Sony fans, as there is a difference between the two lol) losing their sh*t over the fact that Xbox now owns 'Sony Mascots' Crash and Spyro.

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