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I like women

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Help me decide my next story · 2:55pm Nov 17th, 2021

Feeling a bit conflicted about what one-shot story I want to take on next. I have plenty to choose from, but that's sort of the problem. If there's a particular preference for anything, I'm hoping you might be able to make the decision for me. Right now I'm torn; do I take:

- Adagio
- Sunset
- Teacher

Cause all sound equally appealing. Which one looks best to you?

Report KingdaKa · 171 views · #help
Comments ( 21 )

I vote Sunset. You can never go wrong with Sunset.

Did you try combining them? For that I mean adagio, sunset and a milf teacher in a trio

As in who's a primary driver for the story.

Ooooooh ok then i recomend adagio mostly becuse she is my favorite

Then i recomend sunset

I vote for Adaigo. Sunset is hot, alright, but a little more focus on the siren wouldn't hurt.

You see my profile name

Sunset Shimmer

I'll toss in a vote for Sunset.

I clearly didn't think very far. Forgot that Sunset pretty much has a cult of popularity that makes others seem insiginifcant.

Shimmy is always the best answer. Wouldn't mind seeing an Adaigo story from you in the future though!

What about you put all 4 of in one story?

Always a possibility. Just a matter of which portion is the primary driver for the narrative.

Checking up EqG as a whole in retrospective Sunset Shimmer is pretty much the fan favorite

Fair enough. I just like women, bout all the motivation I need.


I just need motivation to kill off my procrastination :rainbowlaugh:

I think of so many ideas and yet I can’t find any time to even write a word

Seeing as I went months with nothing to show, I think you're fine.

How about MILF teacher. Or is it just one subject?

Just as in primary driver for the narrative. I've always got too many ideas cooking.

I vote for Adagio. :heart::raritywink:

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