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Dear Moon · 5:12pm Dec 7th, 2012

A sequel, of sorts, to Dear Princess Luna.

"You can't be serious, Luna." Celestia eyed her sister skeptically. "You want to go galloping off back to the moon because of... a dream?"

"A vision," Luna corrected for what seemed like the hundredth time. "This was no flight of fancy spawned of my own imagination." She stomped her hoof when her sister's dubious expression failed to evaporate. "I, of all ponies, would know the difference, Celestia."

"So I would expect. But I also expected that you would know the difference between classical and modern Equestrian within a year of your return."

Luna's face darkened for a moment. "We shall not speak of that incident."

"Regardless, the point is that there is far too much work to be done now for either of us to be out chasing dreams."

"Visions!" Luna snapped, almost shouting. "Put yourself in my shoes for a moment, sister. What would you do if your beloved sun had sent you that message? Would you not want to investigate? Would you leave its plea unanswered? Perhaps you've become that cold, sister, but I have not!"

Celestia sighed heavily. "Very well, Luna. I can see that I will not be able to talk you out of this." She leaned her head in to nuzzle her little sister. "I will arrange for your absence. But please come back to us soon."

"I do not know what I will find there... how long it might be..." Luna returned the nuzzle uncertainly.

"Equestria will be here when you return, whenever that may be. Just please, return as soon as you can. Our little ponies will miss you. And... I will miss you."

"I will," Luna promised. "And I will miss you too, sister." Without another word, she galloped to the balcony they shared and spread her dusky wings, soaring silently into the air.
Celestia watched her go, shaking her head. She had seen the look of determination Luna wore before, but not on her. No, that was a look she had seen on every blushing mare and nervously shuffling stallion who had ever come to seek her blessing for their union.

Her sister was in love.

The touch of Luna's hooves was light, even tentative, as she made her landing on the lunar surface. Her wings beat against air that wasn't there, creating a magical draft that sent moon dust spinning off into tiny whirlwinds before settling back onto the barren rock.

All was quiet. As it had always been. She had to fight back a momentary panic as memories of her time imprisoned there jumped to the surface. But she wasn't trapped this time, she reminded herself.

"Hello? Um... Moon?" Her voice sounded tinny and far away in her ears without the air to carry it. She listened for a moment, but only echoes returned to her along the ley lines.

Moon... moon... moon...

She began to feel a little silly, and more than a little alone. "Are you there, Moon? I... got your letter."

Letter... letter... letter...

"I just came to... to see you. To be with you again. I... I missed you too, Moon."

Moon... moon... moon...

Luna's ears drooped a bit as nothing but echoes answered. Maybe she had dreamed it after all. Maybe... no. She refused to believe that. It had seemed so real. More than real, even. The moon had called out to her. It had!

Then she felt it: a faint touch of thought, the slightest hint of emotion. She would have missed it, had she not been looking for it. But it was unmistakable. It was love.

The moon loved her.

"Oh, Moon!" Luna cried, throwing herself to the ground to wrap the celestial body in a joyous embrace. "I love you too!"

Twilight Sparkle took her eye from the telescope, breaking her gaze away from the sight of the Princess of the Night splayed out on the lunar surface in a futile attempt to hug a chunk of rock thousands of times her size. Turning to her mentor with a question on her tongue, she suddenly found herself lost for the words to express it. She settled, instead, for quirking an eyebrow incredulously.

Somehow, that single gesture seemed to communicate everything that need to be said. Celestia responded in kind, with a single gesture: she shrugged her great white wings, then returned to the stacks of paperwork she'd need to prepare for the inevitable wedding.

Luna x Moon is now a thing. Just don't ask about foals. Seriously, don't. You don't want to know, and she doesn't need to get the idea into her head.

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Luna, if you seriously want to have foals with the moon, I ask only two things.

One: Figure out the logistics on your own.
Two: Do it on the far side so nopony else has to watch.

I...am not sure what to say.

I thought for the briefest of moments that this might have turned into something of a short story, but I think I like this ending better :rainbowlaugh:

so... why isn't this a real story yet ? :twilightsheepish:

um, okay then...:rainbowderp::facehoof:


Why is there no way to upvote blogposts xD

:rainbowkiss: Loved it.

I dunno. It's really just not up to my standards. It's short, silly, wasn't polished at all, and the tone is way too different between the two halves. I mean, what would I tag it? [Sad][Comedy]? I think there might even be a rule against that.

If you mean why haven't I rewritten it into a full-length one-shot, then the answer is just lack of time. I only wish I could make a fic out of every silly/awesome idea that crosses my brain.

I was bored when I read this question, so now you can. Sort of. Later on, I might even test it! And maybe add it to comments too.

"thousands of times her size"
I was going to make a snarky comment about how large our moon is, but then it occurred to me that Equestria is not necessarily Earth. I decided to take this idea and run with it.

Our moon's radius: 1700 km. Assuming 'thousands' is less than 10,000, this gives Princess Luna a size of at least ~170m. This is hardly reasonable, even after she eats all the treats on Nightmare Night.

Perhaps Equestria's moon is rather smaller than ours. The smallest moon in the solar system is Deimos, with a mean radius of 6 km. 6km/10000 gives a much more flattering princessly radius of about 2 feet. However, as depicted in the show, Equestria's moon subtends approximately the same angle as our own moon does. This implies that the distance to a moon of Deimos's size would be 280 times closer: a mere 1300 km away.

Just for fun, I took this even further. Based on the observation that their moonrise is perfectly correlated with sunset, I hypothesized that it is in Lagrangian point L2. Unfortunately, this implies a condition on the ratio of Equestria's orbit to the mass of its star incompatible with the obseved presence of liquid water and green plants: liquid water means temperatures must be similar to Earth and green plants imply stellar spectrum must be similar. Assuming an Earth-like mass of Equestria implies an orbit around 3M km from its star- about that same as Uranus. Assuming that their orbit is the same as our own implies a solar mass too small to be a G-type star. (Of course, if the Princesses move their planet magically, their star might not be powered by fusion.)

Silly pony, using science to explain magic. :rainbowlaugh:

Really though, when I think of something as "thousands of times bigger" I usually think of multiples less than a million, but greater than a thousand. That's just me, though.

This was fun and I support the attempt to science the sizes. Might add more when not on phone.

First I assign it a distance a few powers of ten too high, and now I estimate its size a couple powers too low! I should really brush up on my moon science before I start writing about it, it seems.

To be fair, I did mean "thousands" figuratively. But I fully support further attempts to make Equestria's relationship with its celestial bodies conform to science. I've wondered about it myself.

Another possibility, which I hid in the moon's letter:

How I had always wanted to get closer to you, even though you pushed me away every time I tried.

If taken literally, that could imply that only the princesses' intervention keeps it in a stable orbit at all. Maybe a side effect of clumsy meddling by Hearth's-Warming-era unicorns before the princesses took over? Just putting that out there. It's possible that the orbits really are artificially maintained.

Well, it's not technically wrong! With a 2m-high (or so) princess and a 3500km-wide (ish) moon, the number of thousands is 1750.

Okay, fine. If I were revising, I would probably rewrite it as "over a million times her size".

I suppose that is one way to put it. :derpytongue2:


I think the big issue here is the fact that Equestria almost certainly doesn't circle a star, rather its sun orbits it.

Right away we're told that the princesses raise and lower the sun and moon each day and night. This could mean one of two things. First, it could mean that they rotate the planet to bring Equestria to the dark side of the planet and back every day, but that doesn't really fit with why there are two princesses doing the exact same thing or with how NMM 'refused to lower the moon'. Therefore, the likely conclusion is that Equestria does not orbit any celestial body, nor does it rotate. The princesses use magic to artificially maintain the orbit of Equestria's sun and moon. The immense size of these bodies means that each princess must use magic to maintain the momentum of each body multiple times during each cycle, which is why they must 'raise' and 'lower' them each day. NMM simply ceased to add momentum to the moon and so it stopped moving and stayed where it was until Celestia began moving it as well. The fact that ponies must change seasons manually supports this theory as it hints at the lack of an elliptical orbit or imperfect rotation.

Also, I liked the story and the ship. It might explain how Saturn got all those moons, Titan has a lady friend.

The most fitting thing ever?


var s = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0];

Since you are not using that variable again, why not put it in one line?



Life can be both funny and sad at the same time, why can't stories based on life be the same way ... while including magical ponies? Besides, half the comedies out there are only funny because we watch them from the funny angle. Put yourself in the shoes of the guy who falls into the manhole, and it's a totally different story.


Ah, no particular reason. The snippet I nabbed that from originally referenced it a few times, and I just never thought to reduce it to one line after I made my changes. I'll probably squash that together if I update it, now that you've pointed it out. :twilightsmile:

Sure, but stories aren't life, and as a general rule, they've gotta have one central focus or they'll just be all over the place. (And the genre tags are only for that overarching theme.) Plus, I dunno if you've messed with the story editor lately, but the administration actually added wording that specifically tells you not to use Slice of Life + Adventure or Sad + Comedy, ever, on pain of story failure. Which just makes me want to try to write something that could legitimately combine them. Because I'm that guy.

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