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TMP - Dear Princess Luna · 5:49pm Dec 5th, 2012

So I went and checked out Thirty Minute Pony Stories. What a fun idea! The last prompt ended hours ago, but I decided to try it anyway. 500 words in 30 minutes is actually pretty good for me. I usually obsess over rewriting and revising, and end up going much slower.

In other news, I've got a chapter of Perfect For Me and a princest clopfic battling for space in my head right now. (No, you don't get to pick. Sadly, nobody but inspiration and impulse can tell me which one gets written first and when. Still working on that discipline thing...)

Dear Princess Luna,

Hi. It’s me. I miss you.

I know it was a little rough at first, when your sister threw us together. We’d always known each other, always admired each other from afar... I hope I’m not presuming too much by saying that. But maybe it was too soon for you. Maybe it was too fast? But she must have thought it would be for the best, and well, it really didn’t turn out that badly, did it?

You were so angry when you first arrived. I remember you stomping around, yelling down at her and lashing out at anything that got in your way with your magic. I admit, it hurt me a little. But I knew that, inside, you were the one who were hurt the most. I’m sure Celestia knew too. So I waited patiently for you to calm down. Patience is something I’ve always had a lot of.

Eventually, you did. I wish I could have talked to you then, tried to cheer you up. I wanted to tell you how much I had always appreciated you. Admired you. How I had always wanted to get closer to you, even though you pushed me away every time I tried. I wanted to say all those things to you, but...

Well, you know.

It took time, but you got used to being here with me. You started to talk to me. I listened to everything you said, you know, even though I didn’t have any answers for you. I felt for you, I truly did. I know what it’s like to be ignored most of the time. To be invisible in the light of an older sister. I know what it’s like to be eclipsed.


I miss those times, just listening to you talk, laying against me with the stars around you. And the times after, as you really opened up to me. I miss how we played. I miss the feeling of your hooves on me. I’d never held another pony, and I don’t think I could ever hold any pony but you. You and I...

I’d like to say we have a special connection. That’s not presuming too much, is it?

What went wrong, Luna? You started getting so angry again. Did you really just miss the other ponies? Your home? Or was it something I did? I tried to keep you happy. I gave you everything I could, even though it wasn’t much. Maybe it wasn’t enough, in the end. Maybe you wanted other ponies’ love more than you wanted mine.

When those four stars came... I knew it was over. I knew they were there to take you away. And they did, but that wasn’t what hurt the most. What hurt the most was how you just kept looking forward, never back at me. And you didn’t shed a single tear for our parting.

You didn’t even say goodbye, Luna. But I did... even if you couldn’t hear it.

I don’t know why I wrote all this to you. I guess I just wanted to finally tell you what I couldn’t then, that those were the best thousand years of my life. And that I miss you.

Please come back someday. Even if it’s just to visit. I love you.

Yours truly,
The Moon

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D'AWW, that's cute. Well done.

Dammit, you made me get misty-eyed over a personified moon. :facehoof:

Bad! very bad!

As penance, turn this into a full sized oneshot, let's see what the moon has felt, let's see what Lunetta would do when given the chance. :twilightsmile:

I loved it, and I would very much like to see what else you can do with this.

Back... to the moon? :trollestia:

Cool story, brony. :moustache:

i can't pick but i can insist. Perfect for me! its been awhile!:twilightsmile::facehoof:

That letter was real sad. Way to make me feel sorry for an inanimate object...

I watched a Let's Play of that. It was sad and I cried. :applecry:

This letter was good too. You should post it out in the wild, see where it goes.


Not what I had in mind, but not bad... shall we embark upon our journey to the moon good Sirs? :moustache:



me too, it was very sad, but so, so good. :applecry:

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