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Question · 2:01am Oct 5th, 2021

Do any of you remember Clue: The Movie? Released in 1985, the film was a comedic murder mystery based on the board game of the same name, and starred several notable actors and actresses like Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd, Leslie Ann Warren, and Tim Curry. While the film didn't fare all that well with critics, it's gained a bit of a cult following since it was released, and can be found on various streaming sites, Blu Ray, and DVD.

Why do I bring this up? Oh, no reason...:trixieshiftright:

Comments ( 20 )

Why yes, yes I do.

And I hope that the 'no reason' gains one soon enough. :)

Absolutely. Clue is a classic.

Murder by Death was much better...

But Clue had it's moments.

One one hand...
But on the other hand...
And, yet, on the other hand

neat fact I found out is different theaters across the country had different endings

Well, the way Madeline Khan described how mad she got does kind of sound like Daybreaker...

I've created a monster. Or at least encouraged one. (Can I be an Evil Doctor now?)

I do, indeed, remember that movie.
And that Communism was only ever a Red herring.

It is a phenomenal movie, I make a point of watching it once every other month. I also watch Murder by Death (another highly underrated movie) right after it.

I remember that movie. Great fun.

In the UK, the ITV channel also created a game show version.. Contestants and viewers at home would watch a small drama wherein someone gets murdered, the contestants then interrogate the six suspects and try to solve the murder themselves.

Depends. How's your maniacal laugh? That's the most important part of being a Evil Doctor, of course. :)

Which regional ending do we get?

There must be something in people who are your fans are well aware and have seen the Clue movie several times.

So many quotable moments. Where does one even start?

Would a slightly disjointed Sociologist do for you?

5592029 Depends on if they can use their powers for Evil, and have an appropriate lair. Not one of these modern glass and steel skyscrapers, but something with gargoyles and elaborate cornices where superheroes can lurk and listen in to secret plans.

Ooh... The Evil thing won't be a problem of course! But uh... How do you feel about a small independent office next to a strip mall bodega?

I've got a pretty good Mark Hamill Joker laugh, that work?

So we're going to get like 7 fake endings and then the real ending.

Yes I remember it. I love watching it. I love how when it was in theaters you got one of 3 endings depending on where you watched it. They combined all three for home releases.

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