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Horse Movie 2: Horse Harder · 11:40pm Sep 27th, 2021

Horse movie was good.

Really good.

Had some good horses in it.

Especially this one:

She's the best horse.

I might write a story with her in it soon.

Now I return to my lurking while listening to Gonna Be My Day and Glowin' Up on repeat.


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Praise to the one true heir to the pegathrone.

Good to see you around. :scootangel:

Wait, wait.. there was a wonderbolt poster on that scene !?!?!!

Zipp is just stright up vibein' in the top one, XD

The early promos made her seem like a recycled Rainbow Dash. RD had never been that high on my list of favs so I didn't expect to like Zipp that much. But I was very wrong and glad to be! She's very much her own character and wonderfully done. They all are really, tho Pipp needs a bit more fleshing out. Other than her song she was just kind of "there". I don't dislike her by any means, just didn't get enough of her to get a handle on her.

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