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G5...Pass. No thanks. · 1:22pm September 25th

Gonna be completely honest and probably gonna get my asshole torn in half for this but fuck it here goes.

Nothing about this new generation seems very inspired or interesting to say the least. It comes off as kinda...whats the best and least offensive way to put this....forced? Not soulless cashgrab pre say but it kinda comes off that way. Like I get it they wanna do something different but riding the coattails of the last generation seems like a cheap move to me especially with how it seems the 'plot' of this seems to go.

I have not seen to and don't plan to but based on what I have seen and heard so far? Yeah this isn't gonna be for me sadly. There are too many questions and likely none of the answers would satisfy me as a fan of G4. The designs also do nothing for me and each of the main characters is basically just a mash up of the mane 6 into different characters with the only dude pony looking like he's gonna end up being a bit of a douche like character given this series track record but I could be wrong...likely I wont be.

Like I have to wonder how in the actual Hell did the world change so much to the point where pony kind is basically reverted back into the age before harmony was established. How or why would Princess Twilight have failed to where shit would get that bad. Where is Discord? Celestia? Luna? Cadence? Flurry? Do the elements of harmony actually exist still? What about Spike and the dragons? The crystal empire? So...many...questions. Oh and of course the biggest one...WHAT HAPPENED TO THE HUMAN WORLD AND MY WAIFU SUNSET T_T

So yeah as you can tell? This new generation hasn't inspired any hope in me but aye if you enjoy it? All the more power to you. I don't intend to be on the ride for this one. It was fun but G4 is officially dead and buried now. :pinkiesad2:

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It's ok if you're not interested

I mean I don't expect EVERYONE to jump on that bandwagon

Like 13 Shades says, it's okay if you're not into it. It's not gonna be for everyone, and that's fine. It's hard to get into new things, and for some, we just can't. But whatever happens, we'll still be here, we'll still be sharing our love for G4 and we'll still love to see what new stories people come with.

Also I've got a wild floof. :rainbowkiss:

It's generally not wise to jump on a bandwagon, that is the shortest route to being driven off of a cliff.

It's good that you're not being a jerk about it though.

I know how you feel Midknight, I saw the trailer and I was pretty underwhelmed.

It felt forced, uninspired, and just plain flat to me.

Like I have to wonder how in the actual Hell did the world change so much to the point where pony kind is basically reverted back into the age before harmony was established.

If a handful of unverified rumours was all it took for ponykind to tear itself apart in The Ending of the End, this sort of scenario is terrifyingly plausible. As for the other races, maybe we haven't met them yet?

Bandwagon as in jumping on the G5 train I meant

Prolly should’ve said that instead:twilightsheepish:

Yeah, mistakes happen. That's just life.


For me G5 wasn’t a mistake to me. I decided to give it a chance and I actually thoroughly enjoyed it:twilightsmile:

The g5 movie was fun. It was also shallow and far more modern and childish. Eyecandy, glitter, flashy colours and basically Boulder Media waving their car keys in front of a baby. The maturity from g4 was nowhere to be found, everything was black and white, way too busy, no nuance, everything was just anvils dropping. It was empty and soulless. The villain kinda drove the point through: In g5 he became the ruler of his little town and went to WAR, in g4 he would have been told to stop being an adult child and get some help. He would have been treated as a disabled loon, not someone who could wield any sort of power or responsibility. Also didn't get in any trouble in the end either. Basically everyone else in the movies acted like they were 10 as well. Hitch was better than I expected, but like everyone guessed he was there just to show how the girls were better at everything compared to boys. Izzy is the new Pinkie Pie, and I hated Pinkie Pie too. Zipp has potential as does Sunny, Pipp is... something? She barely did anything save played with her smartphone, so I guess she's the audience?

There were good bits too. A lot of them! It was a far better whole than the clusterfuck that was the 2017 movie. I still don't think I can get behind this new generation.

I respectfully disagree with most points in your first paragraph except the one with Spout

I honestly find it somewhat misleading to peg him for an antagonist since well sure he’s jealous of Hitch but from what little screen time he had there it felt weird that they try to build up an arc for him.

My bottom line is: It was dumbed down immensely in all aspects, from g4 in terms of writing, pacing and music. Nothing you say can make me change my mind about that. Anything else we can bitch about together. :twilightsmile:

I mean hey everyone has opinions

I like G5 and think they may be getting on to something so good for me

You don’t like G5 that much well congrats good for you

All in all we at least try to give this film a chance:twilightsmile:

Also I agree somewhat with pacing. Writing… meh, music not so much

As long as people keep making G4 stories on this site then that’s fine by me, never watched G4 myself but I’ve read enough stories to be considered a brony.

And G4 isn’t dead, it’s just delegated to fan-made content only now.

I mean some songs were okay, others were empty pop that didn't advance the plot and were nothing but "I am" songs, but i still can't get over the villain song being an Offspring song but with new lyrics.

And yeah, hey, at least I watched the movie and told my friends (I have those!) to go check it out too! If they like it, they've found something cool. If they don't we can diss it together. Win-win! :scootangel:

1. Actually they’re not just full of “I am” songs. In fact… None of them were “I am” songs.

They do have an opening number at least and a villain song (which I distill find Sprout as a villain confusing but I do think the song somewhat works in a way) and a duet song so those are checked off. But it also has the most important thing… an “I Want” song in which the opening number hides and disguises that. No matter how forgettable or predictable any plot point is there are songs that actually do push along the plot, just gotta dig deeper in the musical theory.

2. Win Win indeed. We all just have to be civil and treat each other the way we would like to be treated:twilightsmile:


2. Win Win indeed. We all just have to be civil and treat each other the way we would like to be treated:twilightsmile:

A spanking? :pinkiehappy:

Maybe not that way

Unless you like to do doggystyle :ajsmug:

I have to agree that the film felt very dumbed down compared to the show, which I found odd considering Hasbro is well aware that majority of its fanbase are adults at this point. The tone felt, if I’m going to be honest, less serious than the Trolls movie. It doesn’t help that apparently the movie is TV-G or PG yet the show was TV-Y and G4 still felt more grounded and mature.

Now of course I’m not silly enough to expect them to pull something like Samurai Jack or even Primal when it comes to the violence, but even something on Adventure Time or Avatar: The Last Airbender’s level would’ve felt a bit less insulting.

But again, it’s a kids movie and blah blah blah. Honestly the useless, water downed, inventions the earth ponies made are my biggest complaint. Slime? Like seriously? And the robot looked like a toy which I guess that was the goal so they could market it. 😂

I mean ratings shouldn’t really be much of a factor in this consider the franchise was originally for children who are girls. The adult and brony fanbase is the most unexpected thing they’ve encountered but they went with it. Sure the adult fanbase but it doesn’t stop them from trying to make it more family friendly. So I can’t really take the whole “dumb down” argument seriously regardless of G4 or G5

I wuv those floofs :rainbowkiss:


All the floofs. *squeeeeee*:rainbowkiss::raritystarry::twilightsmile::heart:

All the cutey wutey fluffy floofs :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy::yay:

I disagree considering bother Avatar and AT are classified as children’s entertainment and yet their writing and world building isn’t cut down to the lowest common denominator so not to offend. Hell, FiM did not have the vibe the movie gave off. It’s like they were trying to target a much younger demographic (5+) which is odd since unlike most family friendly films, MLP already has a fanbase. Hasbro’s end goal is to sell toys and they could easily accomplish that by appealing to its core fandom while still being appropriate for children.

I actually just review the 2017 movie (if that’s what you’re mentioning) the other day.

Well of course when I say this I’m pretty much directing it towards MLP. And believe it or not Hasbro has always gone for the young demographic regardless of one show is actually good writing or not. Only reason why older fans are a fan of the franchise itself is because they were interested in the series and they chose to watch the series because they find it enjoyable. In fact going as far as to say that they enjoy a particular series or film because they get what the vision is supposed to be, they find it clear of what writers are trying to do. As for Hasbro well of course they’ll try to sell toys they’re a business company. The MLP team and Hasbro to me are two different things.

PS if I’m sounding like I’m antagonizing you then sorry. Just to let you know I’m trying to keep the convo civil.

Yeah, I see your point, but if I may to add some compromise - lets wait with the verdict until the show proper will come out. Who knows, maybe they'll pull Star Wars Clone Wars on us.

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