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Hi, my name is Heroic412227, but you can call me Heroic. I'm still learning how to be the best writer I can be.

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I Need A New Story Idea · 3:50am August 22nd

Can someone help me come up with a new story idea? I'm completely dry.

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What kind of story?

Maybe a “Alice in Wonderland” type of story. Or one where they wind up in a Fairy Tale book?

Maybe a Slice of Life story?

A not-quite HiE where Daring Do, while on an archaeological dig, finds ancient remains of a society where humans and ponies once lived side by side. The twist: Humans have been extinct for tens of thousands of years, maybe longer.

Here is an idea and you can use anything between all or nothing. I spent an hour making it just for you, so even though I haven't checked half a million stories or searched tags/keywords here at fimfic, it's hopefully a different angle from anything similar. :twilightsmile:

Twilight gets a mysterious letter from Mysto. Meet in some damp café in Manehattan.
Don't let anypony know. Don't come if you can't Pinkie Promise not to tell.

At the bar she meets up a shady character in trench coat. Obviously trying to disguise her voice in hoarse-horse whisper with a bandana over her face. She can sneak a peek from uncovered parts and see the pony is entirely green (incl mane/tail).

Mysto asks about the mane6, a lot of personal questions and details. Gets happy from good news and sad with bad news. Twilight wants to know who she's speaking to, but she refuse to reveal, because it's secret!!
Twilight asks various background questions and various answers contain "riddles" (coherent with season 3 episode 3) towards the true identity so the reader may figure it out prematurely.

Twilight needs more time to figure out who this Mysto is and offers to send mail to Spike to ask the questions Twilight couldn't answer. That way they can meet again, and Twilight can give more answers. Mysto agrees and will give message to Twilight 2 days later a secret place just before they meet, so she can set no traps.

Twilight gives Mysto a hug, to cover for pinching a hair from tail/mane before they part. Analyzing it closer, shows Mysto dyed her hair and its true color is light red.

When they meet again to recount the news Twilight claims a horrible tragedy happened, without saying exactly what. Worst possible tragedy is repeated and Mysto gets extremely distraught and her voice breaks while she tries to hide the fact it's crying.

Finally Twilight tells her Pinkie Pie is dead. Mysto is silent and crying stop. Eventually saying that maybe she isn't dead? Maybe she will turn up?
Twilight shows the washed hair and confirms, no Pinkie isn't dead, in fact there's two of you. (Twilight wanted to see Mysto's reaction.)

Reveal: It's a pinkie clone from the pool busy chasing butterflies in the forest or something while Twilight shot the rest.

Now it's the time to come up with a conclusion. Can pick one or have Twilight/Mysto suggest one and then end up choosing another either together with happy end or bad end (tragedy).

Road 1: Mysto realizes the game is up... and as a flat-hair maniac she decided to either kill, or mesmerize Twilight to forget their meeting (depending on age rating). And after that she decides to do the same to the real Pinkie Pie so she can replace her. Can drag on for a while as the nemesis invades Ponyville.

Road 2: Mysto is unhappy with being alone without friends and wants to be part of the pool again, but when she was there she couldn't join it. Even tried reading the verse backwards, and jumping in backwards upside-down didn't help, and she has no wish to create more clones.

Road 3: Mysto wants to live her own life without looking like Pinkie so she can move in Canterlot, Appleloosa, Ponyville and other places where Pinkie is known. She needs some magical plastic surgery of some sort.

umm, this might be a bit selfish of me to suggest, but if you wanna write, do you wanna try a prompt for Gadzooks adventures?

If this is just for actual stories rather than just writing practice, you could try a far-future cyberpunk-style story (maybe where princess twilight is still around), and you follow the story of the new element-bearers and how they discovered each other.

Pinkie goes to the dentist. Do with that what you will.

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