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I hit the jackpot! · 5:32pm August 16th

A True Story about love, luck, and timing.
Yesterday, Dreams and I went to an amusement park from my teenage years, called Waltameer. This park has two parts, a regular part and a water park. Dreams isn't a big fan of water rides, so we went to the regular park. After some rides, we needed a break and hit up the Arcade. Dreams is usually pretty good at the games there, heck he kept beating me at the carnival games throughout our time relaxing from the rides.

However, there was one game called "Bop the Clown" where the clown dared you to try to hit the top of the wheel, the "jackpot" similar to say Wheel of Fortune, you have to let go of the button when you think it's at the top, but it's not as easy as it looks. One little misclick or miscalculation of your timing and you'll miss it completely.

Dreams tried three times before I asked if I could. For the record, I like never win games. I've tried but usually my luck is well non-existent. I often say the only "Ace" in the hole I ever had, I used to get my amazing bf. Well, yesterday that all changed with one push.

I let go of the button and I hit the clown on the top of the wheel. Hitting the jackpot. TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE TICKETS all for two coins to play. I couldn't believe it. I thought I was seeing things for a second. I jumped for joy. I've never felt so happy in that moment. Dreams hugged me close, kissing me, telling me he was so proud.

I was cheesy and told him the best jackpot I ever won was him. <3

Remember, Pineapple love.

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pawsativly clawdatious

And you spent the whole lot on a 10ft frog! :twilightsmile:

You're good people, Nailah, I'm glad you're in a happy place.

That is just adorable Nailah! <3 I'm glad you have such a wonderful jackpot as Dreams to literally make your dreams come true. <3

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