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Fic recs, August 14th! · 10:36pm August 14th

I don't usually comment on world-building blogs, but be sure to check out this one about earth pony politics, from alarajrogers.

I just had an amazing sandwich! Here's three stories from my RIL, a contest prequel, and a major milestone for this website! Go! >8V

H: 1 R: 2 C: 2 V: 0 N: 0

Dark Scootaloo. by C-L-Strife
Mature: Gore, Violence, Death
Genre: Dark EQG Trollfic
Scootaloo is dark and edgy and she's going to have her revenge of kill everyone in her school!
The author wants you to know he condoms school violents and shooting's. And on that note, we begin a hilarious story about someone planning a school shooting? <.< Like, seriously, that is what you will be experiencing with this masterful work of literary trolling, and if you don't want to deal with it, that is perfectly okay. But otherwise, you can come and laugh at the ridiculous edginess of everything, with the best joke being what she changes her name to. :) Highly Troll Recommended

Gryphon Greed Is Good by Snuffy
Read by Fimfiction
Sequel to Dragon Greed Is Good
Proofread by Me
Genre: Adventure/Political Thriller
After the griffon navy fires on an Equestrian trade vessel, Luna determines to get to the bottom of the griffons' maritime blockade.
What the hell, me? PaulAsaran reviewed this recently, which made me realize that, despite having edited it right after the prequel, I never reviewed it. It wasn't even on my RIL! And this was three years ago, I am the worst. ._. Anyway, this is far less funny than its predecessor, to the point where I'm not sure the tag was warranted. But that's okay, it's still a good read. If you like reading about trade deals and politics, you'll find a rousing adventure, a tidy little mystery, and a lot of interesting world-building tidbits here. That said, if you're not, this might be a tad on the dry side for you, but at least now you know!

The 500,000th Story on Fimfiction by TheMajorTechie, Thenewbluebrony, TheBandBrony, Nitro Indigo, TheVoidCaller, DaOtterGuy, Sockpuppet, MLPHero, Barro Broadcaster, Sweetbanana, Wamek, Masterweaver, hawthornbunny, Marshmallow Pone, Level Dasher, Bad Dragon, Rytex, Bicyclette and BezierBallad
Genre: Crackfic
That's as many as fifty ten-thousands. And that's terrible.
Ohhh, you know I had to do it to 'em! No way am I missing out on this, the half-millionth published horseword on Horsewords Dot Net, and clearly the hero we deserve. This is, in a word, incomprehensible. There are structures within it that might make you think you're reading a story, but you aren't. This is more like a mad lib, which likely attests to the sheer volume of authors who apparently worked on it. Really, it's a Youtube Poop in text form, constantly shifting its own attention at the drop of a hat. And yet, there are narrative throughlines? There are, dare I say it, running gags? That may be giving it too much credit. But it does actually achieve a cohesive narrative in the last few hundred words. The rest is pure chaos, with quite a lot of highly amusing bits.
Troll Recommended

Pant-a-Loons by FanOfMostEverything
Read by Fimfiction
Genre: Oversaturated World Comedy
Yet another downside to being a living, worshipped goddess: devotional artwork.
My reaction to this story is honestly pretty neutral. I was never really that interested in the spiritual side of the OW, especially not after "Church of the Bacon Horse" became accepted canon for its name. :| But this story did make me confront the fact that I am just completely bereft of a side of life that most people take for granted and consider normal. Maybe this is really funny if you grew up Catholic or something. I just wanted Sunset to start smiting motherfuckers, because maybe then they would actually start listening to her.
Recommended If You Like Religious Comedy??

Applied Starlight by Unknownlight
Genre: Ominous Puzzle/Parody
In the beginning, there was nothing.
I found myself wondering how in the world I ever found the sole submission, from 2014, of an author who had no apparent renown. (The previous explanation has been proven false, I am an idiot.) As for the story itself, wow, it's quite the thing! I'm using the author's own tags up there, though I'm not quite sure the 'parody' one fits. It's quite ominous, very puzzling, but I don't know that it comes off as anything less than genuine, at least on the surface? It is really convoluted, though, turning back on itself a couple times but presenting the idea of capital-C Creation and the process thereof in a really engaging, original manner. And like, I felt good, reading the lengthy explanation blog, for picking up at least a little bit of what the author was laying down. :) I'm not good at these things, I'll take any bit I can. And I love the meta-narrative, for very selfish reasons. Is this the best fanfic I've ever read? No. But it's sure as heck an interesting one, and in ways that I don't think any other story has come close to. Maybe some of the ARGs, but it's still not an exact comparison.
Highly Recommended

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Listen, I'm personally friends with like 90% of the Seth Standmore, and while I haven't talked much with the author of Dark Scootaloo., I am at least close acquaintances with them. But this is like.

Actively insulting?

Like, I don't want to make Seth Standmore themselves feel inadequate, but I am thinking of all the people who haven't been featured yet, looking at this post, and I'm wondering how that'll make them feel. I've glanced at the story. I genuinely don't think it's feature-worthy. I don't know if this is kind of a joke, or just that you're running out of stories to feature, or you just wanted some fresh air -- but this is frankly upsetting.

Thanmckx's to you PresentPerfact for the Featureing of my story in your Blog, as you knopw I Seth Standmore worked very hard to make a compelling and timely storey about the trial's and tribadism's of the oppressed and bully'd child known as, Scootaloo or in my story Sphincter and/or Stupid Bitch, now that I am featured in your Blorg when will you be interviewing me for the Barcyst and the Royal Canterlot Larceny

Sincerely Seth Standmore

Author Interviewer

What a fucking callback.

Only Posh.

Thank you for the great review!

So, uh... I'm not sure what links you followed, but I'm not Equestria-Prevails. "Unknownlight" (and minor variations) is the only username I've used online. I suppose the question as to how you discovered my story seven years later will remain a mystery. :twilightsheepish:

Author Interviewer

Oh, you're not? O.o I misinterpreted something, then.

And, well, it's been on my read-it-later for seven years, most likely. :B

Is nobody going to ask what kind of sandwich it was?!?! I'm hoping it involved a nice rich cut of beef... god I could go for a french dip right now...

Maybe I should wait on reading and commenting tonight until after dinner.

Author Interviewer

I can only imagine it was the Caesar Chicken Wrap from Jimmy John's, which is not technically a sandwich but still falls into that category.

Even if it wasn't, that shit's amazing, yo. :B

Ah, see, I thought this was from like two days ago and so felt hope for a fresher memory. Obviously my hunger left me brain-fogged and incurious. Now that I've eaten, I have the mental acuity to notice that August 14 to August 30 is long enough to forget one's daily menu.

Author Interviewer

tbf, in my case, two days is also enough to forget the daily menu <.<

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