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vote: what should What If's cover art be? · 11:06pm Jun 30th, 2021

Report TheMajorTechie · 194 views · Story: What If... · #cover art
Comments ( 8 )

Option one. It's kinda shitpost-y and meme-y, plus it matches your avatar.

The second one's borderline nightmare fuel.

Option 1.

Maybe do some shity photoshop and had a badly cut Sweetie Belle of the second image in the first one :trollestia:

I choose 1 it matches your stories meme like quality.

But 2 is better art and terrifying.

Option 2 is clearly the better art, so it really depends on whether you consider the story to be worthy of good cover art. And from what other people have said, that's a more legitimate question than it probably should be.

As much as i like option two, option one fits way better with the sheer crackheadedness of your story

Option 2 for the win, bois, girls, and other various genders!

I don't even want to ask where you got option two from :rainbowlaugh:

As much as I heavily love the second cover masterpiece, the first option fits the story :moustache:

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