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We were somewhere around Ponyville, on the edge of the Everfree, when the Poison Joke began to take hold.

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    It sickens me that this needs to be said, but the pro-child-molestation crowd is at it again. I'm not going to write in depth about this particular incident, as others have already done a better job of that. I'll just link two blogs that I think tackle the issue very well.

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Child Abuse Is Not Part Of Pride · 7:12pm Jun 29th, 2021

It sickens me that this needs to be said, but the pro-child-molestation crowd is at it again. I'm not going to write in depth about this particular incident, as others have already done a better job of that. I'll just link two blogs that I think tackle the issue very well.

Aquaman's blog:

Winston's blog:

For my part, I'll just say that any sexual contact between adults and pre-pubescent or adolescent children is inherently abusive. It cannot fail to be abusive. Trying to romanticize sexual abuse (including grooming children for abuse), or euphemizing it (eg. "foalcon", "lolicon", "shotacon", etc.) does not change the fact that it is still and always will be abuse. Children simply do not have the mental development to understand sexual contact, or to easily recognize how they're being manipulated (even adults can have a hard time with the latter). And they definitely do not have the physical development for adult sexual activity.

It was sickening to see people trying to claim child sexual abuse as a valid sexual orientation, and insist it be treated no different than any true sexual orientation involving fully capable, consenting adults. It's also highly disappointing to see depictions of child sexual abuse not only permitted here, but actively protected by those in charge.

Unlike some other commenters, though, I'm not going to indulge any bloodlust fantasies involving these people, because paedophilia/hebephilia is clearly a mental illness, and should be treated accordingly so long as there are no actual children involve. If such people do attempt to abuse children, then they should be incarcerated in order to protect children, and treated. Vigilante violence/torture is never appropriate, however emotionally satisfying it may seem at the time (and advocating such is a particularly unpleasant form of virtue signaling).

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This may be a bit tangential, so feel free to delete this comment if you feel it detracts from the conversation.

You're last paragraph pretty much outlines exactly why I oppose the death penalty. Often, when I hear of some outrageous crime, I feel the strong desire to see the criminal dead. This is a simplistic, immature, and emotional response, but we've all got monkey brains under the light frosting of frontal lobes, and the outraged "ook, ook" reaction is unavoidable. After the initial flinging of (hopefully metaphorical) poo, the immediate, logical act is to ask how can we prevent this person from repeating the crime, and what can we do do ameliorate the suffering of their victims.

In this case, the questions we should be asking aren't as clear-cut, but the ones that occurs to me are:
1) What can we do to prevent this sort of promotion of pedophilia on this site?
2) What can we do to disassociate LGBTQ advocacy from pedophile advocacy?
3) Is this even the right forum for it?
4) Is virtue-signaling a necessary part of any of the above questions?

The author has now threatened suicide. I have sent a pm to Wonderer D to alert site staff and posted the suicide prevention line number on their blog. Don't think I can do anything else.

That said, I really wish fimfiction would stop being so accommodating to the worst of the Internet. The alt right in particular seem to be legion here. It's one of the reasons I have stopped posting on Rage. That along with the paedophile problem is just beyond the pale. I personally suspect that it is a hangover from the fandom's infancy on 4Chan.

It's a difficult problem administering a site designed to allow a wide variety of content while keeping out the truly vile and damaging stuff. But doing as little as possible to maximize profits while providing enough plausible deniability to avoid litigation is easy, it seems.

As I expected, that didn't happen. That blog post looked to me like narcissistic emotional manipulation, and from their latest blog post it appears that is exactly what it turned out to be.

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