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    When they change form

    I'm supposed to be doing something, so of course I'm doing this.

    When/where are the instances where members of the mane six change into something else?

    I won't be coy, this is for a series of 'variant' cards I'm doing for my card game project. Right now, I have:

    • EQG for Twilight
    • Seapony for Pinkie, since she was a focus of that part of the movie

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I want to be doing things · 5:13pm May 30th

But I'm too busy watching Youtube.

This one's for everyone here. :)

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Georg #1 · May 30th · · 1 ·

The first part of the video is exactly why I started writing the 'Tutor' series. I had gotten so sick of the "Hi, we've never met but I'm in love with you let's bang" stories involving the Mane Six that I was overcome with "I can do that better-itus." Really, romances had this mental tag of "Harlequin wife's books" and I never thought I'd be writing one, but after Genealogy was done, it seemed like something worth at least one story. Three later, including a wedding and a birth...

"Some kind of passible bad communication resulting in some sort of contrived conflict..."

(Quietly raises hand) Guilty as charged of multiple counts.


"Some kind of passible bad communication resulting in some sort of contrived conflict..."

Seriously though, a really great video to help us all, as writers, to be a bit more self-aware of the sort of tropes that our writing can fall into, even if unknowingly. Thanks for posting!

Author Interviewer

Also, now that I have a bluetooth speaker for audiobooks, I need to go back and retry every single fic reader I've ever said was too quiet for my needs. :)

Oi, I feel ya there, bud :pinkiesick:

"Some kind of passible bad communication resulting in some sort of contrived conflict..."

That’s a whole sub-genre right there.

Love at first sight is silly, but I do know a few folks who saw their future spouses and knew immediately they'd be the ones they'd marry.

Author Interviewer

They got lucky!

Very much so.


I need to be doing things. But there's always a song that pops into my mind that I need to add to my playlist.

Then whilst traversing the filth in the loungeroom I'm trying to clean, I catch sight of something in the hallway I need to clean. Which reminds me that I need to rotate over the laundry. Which reminds me that I have clothes to fold. Which reminds me I have clothes I need to put AWAY ... which makes me realize I need to vacuum the floors inside the closet ... which reminds me I need to go and buy more vacuum cleaner bags.

YouTube isn't a distraction! It's escapism!!

Author Interviewer

An escape from the guilt of not doing things because I'm distracted by Youtube. :B

Was this for me? :pinkiegasp:

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