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State of the Writer: It's been a while but, in my defense, I was gonna post this as a one-year-anniversary as a joke but then a couple of days passed and now it's about a month late for that so the joke's on me · 3:17am May 18th, 2021

I'm alive, I promise!

I mean, it's in the title what's going on with my sense of time over the last year. Well, in some cases, like with Fimfiction. My sense of time is mostly still working.

So here I am, this time just breaking the ice to see who's up there. I don't have much to say at the moment, but maybe things will get rolling again here…

Speaking of, they actually already are, behind the scenes. I've been working on what will be the next entry in Unhinged, consisting of a brutal seven RoboFoME cards. I gathered them in early March and… still not done. It's not something that I regret, so far, but it's not something that I plan to do again. It's turned out to be an AU reinterpretation of the first two episodes where Luna's been around the whole time and Celestia flipped instead (because Reasons™).

"Oooh, how exciting and original!" you may have just sarcastically thought. I write what the cards lead me to, so there are plenty of other differences and reasons as well. I mean, how may of you who follow me could have actually come to expect that I would write "What happened in the episode, but change X to be the opposite."?

So here's an excerpt of that because why not:

Pinkie Pie rested a hoof on Twilight’s shoulder and said firmly, if softly,  “I know it turned into a bad day and we all feel gloomy right now, but that doesn’t change that we’re gonna get the Elements and fix everything.  I bet we’ll have a laugh about it tomorrow.  I mean, really, we have you, the Princess’s own hoof-picked student, Dash is gonna be Wonderbolt someday, Rarity runs her own business and takes self defence lessons every week, Applejack is basically a ninja princess, and Fluttershy is an amazing animal caregiver who gets along with, like, every critter in Equestria.  Do you know how many critters that is?  A Lot!”

“Yes, but—”
“How do you find out about that?!”
“I think you’re exaggeratin’ it a bit.”
“Oh it’s nothing really.”

“Wait, Applejack is a what?”

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He lives!

Definitely looking forward to seeing this monstrosity when it comes to light.

I'm still looking for the right opportunity to apply googly eyes to something.

I'm sure you'll find one.

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