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I'm just starting 85-hour water fasting, wish me luck! · 5:53pm Apr 30th, 2021

I'm making this public to give myself more motivation. Hopefully, with people watching, I won't be so eager to break it :twilightsheepish:

The plan is to eat nothing and only drink water until Tuesday ~07:00 AM (or longer, if I will feel OK) and see what will happen. According to the wisdom of the Internet, I shall be able to connect with my inner self :pinkiecrazy:! ... or, something :unsuresweetie:. I'll keep you posted.

But if I suddenly stop logging in, you'll know why :rainbowwild:.

If someone did it and has some clues, I'm opened to suggestions.

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I'm rooting for you, pay attention and stay safe with this!

In! For the sheer craziness of this haha



Will do, but as Draco says:




Honestly, that's one of the reasons I'm doing it. I never did anything crazy in my life so far... I need to try something :twilightsmile:.

What? WHY?

A three and a half day fasting doesn’t seem too bad if you are healthy. Ideally, you should go to a fasting clinic or health professionals though. Realimentation can be dangerous if not done properly. If it’s to lose weight, fasting isn’t the best way to go about it from what i heard.

Good luck!



... because I can :unsuresweetie:? No, really, that's one of the reasons—the others being: slight liver detox and morbid curiosity of how it feels (apparently, you may experience some interesting psyche effects—euphoria, 'nirvana,' and sometimes even hallucinations—if you're lucky (or unlucky)).


Thanks, and yeah, I think I'm healthy enough to try it. The only thing I'm worried about is diabetic ketoacidosis, but I don't think I have any undiagnosed diabetes, so...

Well if you HAVE to eat at certain times or you get really down or anyone directly blood related does have a form of diabetes I would not recommend this since it could trigger something.

If not then I wish you well.

Only recommendation is to be sure to replenish your Potassium and Sodium while fasting, mostly it to keep away any headaches from caffeine and sugar loss. Also helps keep you focused from hunger pains. I found its easy to fast when you have those two minor inconveniences filled out using himalayan pink salt and no salt, but past the first 48 hours with no food gets to be interesting to say the least as the first time I was felt like I was just a passenger being drove around mentally. Wish you luck and don't ignore any none hungry warning signs your bodies gives off, this lets you know what needs your body actually has a need for.

Also very important: DON'T TRUST ANY FARTS BECAUSE IT'S NORMALLY A LIE!!! :pinkiecrazy:

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