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Signal Beacon: Cloudhammer Could Use Some Love! And Money! · 8:53pm Apr 25th, 2021

Real quick note. My good friend and cameo in a deleted scene, the ever awesome Cloudhammer, and his husband recently got hit by disaster. Their apartment building caught fire (someone else did it, not them), and in the ensuing flame, smoke, and water, they lost pretty much everything, including their beloved pet. One of Cloudy's NCO's set up a GoFundMe page for them.

Mr. & Mr. Cloudy are good people. I know this fandom is capable of some epic funding when it's called for, and well, it is here. Drop a buck or two if ya got the coin.

Stay awesome.

Donate enough and Appul!Maid will help them clean up.

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Wanderer D

The hell, of course we need to boost this and help!
Doesn't seem like this thing allowed me to update with a message this time, but I dropped a bit.

Gave ya a boost, sent some cash. :twilightsmile: I hope things work out for them soon.

Donated some of what I could. Good luck!

I'm a bit late seeing this, but signal boosted; thank you for letting people know about this!

Donated, hope it helps.

Boost for humanity.

Chipped in a bit. Good luck to them.


Chipped in and boosted. I hope they'll get back on their feet soon :twilightsmile:

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