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A Bisexual Pegasus with a talent in writing and singing. I can also do magic-long story. Also, Luna is best Princess and the Wonderbolts are awesome. Change my mind, I dare you.

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Sleepover (Gacha Club style) · 1:25am April 18th

Before coloring

After coloring

What do you guys think?

Comments ( 35 )

This is accurate

Awwwww! They’re in a lil’ chibi style. Heh, and I noticed Meta cuddling against Griff.

Never thought I’d be wearing a bun, but this is cute. I also like the clothes colors!

Mhm! He likes cuddling when watching movies


Yeah, I thought you'd like the bun, and thanks!

Hehe. Ooh, and I just noticed lil’ Griff’s dialogue.

”Madagascar 3!”

…I meant I’m not the type to tie my hair up. But eh, just a minor nitpick

Heh, why do you think I asked what your favorite movie was? I like little details like that

Noted for next time

Why do i get the feeling we’re going to get into a pillow fight over which movie to watch?


Dammit mom, now I’m fanboying!

Pharynx does like cute too in that form—

Why am I in pink shorts?

I like them, definitely something I would wear, just why?

Heh, sorry mijo

Yeah, I made Pharynx-husbando cute on purpose

I honestly thought they were some sort of socks.

PREDATOR! also I love the drawing!

The clothes are based off of the color designs of everyone's pony-sonas/Equestrian forms. Your hippogriff had pink in its feathers, so...

You guys should watch “Independence Day” it’s best blockbuster movie and Will Smith, best comedian, is in it.

Hmph. Still, you’re improving. Slowly, but surely. I like it!

I was assuming that was why, it does make sense after all.

Yeah. Glad you're not upset or anything

I do hope to see more of these in the future

Like, more scenes, or more characters/OCs drawn in Gacha Club style?

Both, but especially the former.

I mean, this is technically the first ever artwork of my character. Why would I hate it?

Alright. Maybe not too often, these scenes give me more hand cramps than other drawings. Feel free to PM if you have a scene idea though, since I usually need inspiration to come from someone else for drawings

*Shrugs* just making sure. Glad you like it

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