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On Things New · 7:16pm Apr 14th, 2021

Greetings, everyone,

happy to be able to put down another blog post. For a couple of reasons that I will disclose underneath. Some better, some worse. Life happens, after all.

I shall start by saying that I, creatively, am doing fine. Every since the start of the year my efforts of returning to steady writing has not only borne fruit, but also made me feel a lot better about myself. Simple as that. My imagination finally regained the outlet that satisfies me and, here's hoping, brings joy to others. Progress is steady and in a tempo that is maintainable even when life gets in the way.

Unless it really gets in the way. For full transparency I wanted to also share that I have, unfortunately, spent some time in hospitals lately. I have been diagnosed with a rather unpleasant condition, but manageable, thankfully. I have almost fully recovered at this point from the initial bout of it and with the right treatment and care for my health, I should be fine.

Which, in regards to this site, means of course new publications. The next chapter of "Journey with a Batpony" I shall polish within the next few days, followed afterwards by a chapter of "Grave Matters". Then, depending on the amounts of inspiration, I shall follow it with yet another "Journey" chapter, or a new tale, perhaps to follow "Your Money or Your Love". If you folks are quite so keen on passionless passion and legal gibberish, who am I to deny you?

At any rate, do stay safe, all of you. Be wonderful to each other. And, as always, stay tuned,


Comments ( 11 )

Dudu did you get covid!?


No, as it happens.

hope your feeling better you have a great story and a very rich universe going here keep up the great work

Hope you get better and looking forward to the next bat pony update


Good enough to function, which is all I need. Thank you, I will do my best. :twilightsmile:


Looking forward to it too. :pinkiesmile:

good sir I cannot wait for more from you. you are an epic writer and inspire me!


Please, you humble me. Though I am more than happy to hear that my work can encourage others. :twilightsmile:

Shame about the health scare, but glad you got a handle on it! Looking forward to your improving health and story updates!


Same here, same here.

Always seems the case, huh? Things get worse before they get better. I wish you success getting better and in your life in the days to come.


Thank you, I really appreciate those words.

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