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    “I’ve found the person I’m suppose to be with.”

    That’s what she said to me.

    21 years together.

    14 years married.

    2 kids.

    A dog and cat.

    A house.

    Stood by her when she has cancer, we made a life together.

    But nope. None of that mattered. None of that was worth fixing or trying to save. Just ‘I’m with him now, let’s be friends.’

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    This one was based around a story where Ponyville had a Sheriff by the name of Ranger.
    Shamelessly, I ship him with Princess Booksmarts

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    Hello all,

    Happy 2024!

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    New Job and a bit doodling

    Quit my job of 10 years teaching to work at a mill. Can’t say I like the job but the fact that it pays double what I made I suppose I can’t complain.

    12 hour shifts and working only half the days of the month is also a switch.

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Daily Scribble · 7:39pm Apr 9th, 2021

Rainbow Dash and her son Tailspins.

Hard to get a word in.

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Comments ( 11 )

HNNNNG. :rainbowkiss:

EEEEEE! That's adorable!!!

... It figures her son would be just as fast with his mouth as his mom is with her wings. XD

Sipioc, they're going to send you to jail if they find out you're responsible for all of these cuteness-induced heart-attacks.

Nice where is this from?

This cute story of Preggers Dash

I’m the Tony Montana of Cute Pone.

I’m amazed you hand-wrote all the dialogue for
Rainbow’s kid.

Felt it made a good background

Rainbow be like- "just you wait, kiddo. The moment you stop talking, it'sgonna by MY turn to talk your ear off." I wouldn't put it past her to answer all his rapidfire questions in a similar rapidfire manner, lol.


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