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    Twilight Sparkle Was A Pony Queen

    of her the bards do sadly sing,
    the last whose realm was fair and free
    between the mountains and the sea...

    But long ago she rode away
    and where she is none can say
    for into darkness fell her star
    in the land of the Changelings where the shadows are.

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  • 1 week
    Latin poetry

    Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo

    [...] qui me ex versiculus meis putastis

    quod sunt molliculi parum pudicum

    [...] Vos, quod milia multa basiorum

    legistis, male me marem putatis?

    Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo

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  • 2 weeks
    ...What anime is this from?

    Someone, somewhere out there, must be able to explain this scene.

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  • 7 weeks
    This Would Have Sounded Differently in 1923

    I was in my office talking to a gay boxer who said he could lick any man in San Francisco when Sally, always a queer one, ran in loudly ejaculating. "Dick! I need Dick!"

    That's me, Dick Small, best dick in town.

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  • 8 weeks
    Cause it needed to be said

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I'm Not Playing Nice Anymore · 2:34am March 4th

Liberals in education have lost their damned minds from labelling math racist to Shakespeare racist. It is true that White Supremacists used Othello to warn against "race mixing", but it's also true that White Supremacists have room temperature IQ's and can't read. In Othello, the most vile character in the play is a WHITE man who corrupts the BLACK man who is portrayed as having been otherwise virtuous. With Merchant of Venice, the antagonism is more of a religious matter, but one also has to note that Shylock is rather justified in his anger considering how he is treated.

And for God's sake I read an educational pamphlet stating that it is "white supremacy" to expect a student to have the right answer. These mental midgets don't know what actual racism is, but they do know how to divide people, how to use racial divisions to create hatred.

What we are seeing is a destruction of our civilization at the hands of an elite who want to see us at each other's throats. Don't let them plant the seeds of hate in your heart.

Love will conquer.

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Comments ( 14 )

I don't get it.

Uggg. I well I won’t rant here just... ya. The stupidity is reaching new lows.

Meh, Shakespeare ain't my culture. The English can get in the sea.

Honestly. I'm surprised that something finally gets the guts to come up and say this.

So...Racists want to disguise their racism by claiming to fight racism but they are so racist that they are accidently overtly racist about supposedly fighting racism.

All this talk about racism in recent years is driving me insane. I'm sick of everything getting this abhorrent label slapped on it. At this point I have no choice but to beleive that it's a grift. When someone can make a living by writing articles saying that having dogs as pets, or something as simple as a street sign perpetuates racism, what other choice do I have but to beleive that? Every day is a further descent into madness as to what people are offended by next.

GrandCat #7 · March 4th · · 1 ·

Modern Russian author Victor Pelevin in one of his books described the modern USA somehow like that:
"The modern US are like the totalitarian USSR from 1979 with LGBT as Komsomol, corporate managenent as CPSU, sexual repressions in place of sexual repressions and the dawn of socialism in place of the dawn of socialism. But here is the difference - in 1979 you could bring the jeans from the USA to the USSR, and the modern USA are the kind of the USSR where nobody will bring the jeans".

So what you're saying is that you don't 100% agree with every nonsense that the left/liberals spout?

You must be a Nazi and your opinions don't matter. :rainbowlaugh:

Sounds about right. If only I knew what those things that you refer to were, it'd help. I mean... I'm ashamed to say I'm living right next to Russia, yet have no idea what Komosol or CPSU are. I know Radio Jerevan, KGB and kolhos, because they were a huge topic of jokes back when I was a kid.

Lmao Shakespeare a racist? The dude literally wrote on the basis of Platonic idealism.
You cant get more open-minded than that. What are they drinking?

CPSU is the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
Komsomol - Kommunisticheskii Soiuz Molodezhi or All-Union Leninist Young Communist League, youth division of the CPSU.
The real American jeans were really hard to get in the USSR and they were really expensive. They were not really sold in the Soviet Union. If the Soviet citizen wanted the jeans - he had to find somebody, who could leave the borders of the USSR somehow freely (average Soviet citizen could not leave the country without permission of KGB) and ask to buy the jeans - and pay for it - or went to the speculants called fartsovshchiks, who were acquiring consumer goods and currency from foreigners (and it was highly illegal - black market as is). Or he had to buy the jeans tailored in the Poland, Romania, Hungaria or India - or even fakes tailored in the Soviet Armenia or Georgia at the illegal sewing workshops. But such jeans were not considered as "cool" as real Western thing.

It's always strange to see you talk in such a tone when you can be fairly childlike most of the time.

Liberal here. IDK what the author of that pamphlet is smoking, but honestly, I agree that sometimes they go a little too far with the racism stuff.


Problem is, plenty of shit IS racist. But there's so many SJWs yelling racism, and stormfucks dressing as SJWs yelling racism that no one wants to fight it anymore except the ones directly suffering from it.

And even then, as a black man, it gets hard to keep up the fight.

But I've always said it, the far-left ain't any different from the whole right. Just take the opposite side of the same argument, but it's still the same argument and the same buzzwords and same angry ignorance. Aside from the obvious right-wing asshats, no one's been a bigger enemy to progressivism in America than the SJWs, screaming about characters being sexist for not being blotty land whales, farts being rape, labeling literally everything racist, and saying all men need to either die at birth or have their dicks chopped off as infants.

They enrage me second only to the right-wingers/party-of-traitors/neo-nazis themselves. It gets so hard to do good things for oppressed peoples in need when the loudest 'supporters' of them are also the ones hurting them to make themselves more visible. My LGBT community is plagued, my black community is plagued. From within, from without, from the enemy to the so-called 'ally'.

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