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    And frankly... well, there's no other way to say it.

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    Okay, so I'm ending my hiatus now because I've managed to get my writing mojo back in order.
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Going Forward · 2:26am Feb 26th, 2021

Okay, so I'm ending my hiatus now because I've managed to get my writing mojo back in order.
And first thing I want to address is this.

Yes, it seems that G5 is around the corner. Or at least we'll be getting something from it in the next few months.

I'm going to keep an open mind about it, rather than just do what I'm sure a lot of people are going to do and assume it's going to suck simply because it probably won't have Twilight, the Mane 6, Spike, or the other characters we've come to know and love throughout G4. We have no info on the plot, the world, or the characters. Cool your jets and wait until it actually comes out before you make your assumptions.

But for those of you who are probably wondering, no, I am not going to abandon my G4 stories when G5 comes out. Am I going to write stories that take place in G5? Maybe after Season 1 or Season 2, depending on how good it actually is and if I feel I can make a good crossover with them (considering all of my current stories have the Crossover tag.) But Spider-Girl, Kingdom Hearts: Twilight's Awakening, and Power Rangers: Element Fury will still be worked on and hopefully completed one day.

Speaking of those stories, I've had a bit of an epiphany on that. I think my problem is that I tend to make more stories than I can actually complete, or that I make stories that I eventually lose interest in completing. The reason I haven't really worked on Remnant's Harmony is because while I'm still a fan of RWBY, I've just kind of lost interesting in completing the story for... I don't really know why.

So I've decided that I'm now going to focus on just one story, eventually completing it, and maybe moving onto another story in the future.

And I've decided the story I will now be focusing on and completing, is Power Rangers: Element Fury. Sorry to all the Spider-Girl fans, but you're going to be waiting on the next chapter for a bit.

That's all for now. Equestrian Defender, out!

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Iirc, Gen 5 will be taking place in Equestria.
So its basically continuing Gen 4, just a big timeskip.
Though I do hope they do something with Spike and the Royal Sisters there.

Comment posted by Equestrian Defender deleted Feb 26th, 2021

I really hope that's NOT what they're doing. I kinda hope they do something fresh, instead of just continuing from the end of Gen 4. Stuff like that doesn't always work. For every Legend of Korra that continues the story of Avatar: The Last Airbender and does it great, there's a DragonBall Z/Super that still...keeps...dragging...on...

I am waiting to watch the G5 movie before I make any judgments on the series. I am willing to bet people might be quick to say how horrible it is just from the designs or reading the synopsis, but I bet tons of people said the same thing about G4 and look what happened.

As for your stories, I think that is a good idea. I have seen other authors start more stories than they can handle at once, and it usually ends up with most or all of them ending up on hiatus seemingly indefinitely. I think taking it easy and doing one story at a time is the way to go. If you feel confident enough to work on two, then go for it, but I think anymore than that is pushing it.

Power Rangers wouldn’t have been my personal choice for which story to focus on first, but I love that story too so you won’t hear a single complaint from me. Good luck with it.

Whats with the deleted comment there?

People pointed out in that CGI image, some stuff like Mane 6 figurines are there, most likely this does take place in Gen 4's Equestria

Honestly.. I wished we see Luna there given how they gave her such a crappy sendoff. Like she deserved better than that retirement crap.
And how Spike didn't get to shine enough.


I am willing to bet people might be quick to say how horrible it is just from the designs or reading the synopsis, but I bet tons of people said the same thing about G4 and look what happened.

True. Me personally I'm hoping that it's an entirely new universe from G4, rather than a continuation. Sometimes it works like with Legend of Korra, other times it's a horrible bomb.

Power Rangers wouldn’t have been my personal choice for which story to focus on first, but I love that story too so you won’t hear a single complaint from me. Good luck with it.

Thanks dude. Sorry you have to wait on the other ones, but I feel confident to handle Power Rangers.
Especially since Dino Fury just dropped its first episode on Saturday, and it looks pretty promising.

I have mixed feelings about G5. On one hand, the descriptions that I've read about it's premise sound as if some time long after Twilight ruled Equestria, junk from the real world invaded the place and turned it into a pastel-colored reflection of America in 2020, which I personally find pretty alienating because, well, I don't know. I guess I'm just getting tired of being reminded that the world's a mess, and I'm kinda unhappy that people are using something that I have fond memories of to do just that. On the other hand, gosh! Are those ponies stinkin' cute! I just honestly don't know what to feel. I guess I'll be fine as long as they put more focus on the brighter, more idealistic stuff than the deeply saddening stuff.

I'd be careful what descriptions you buy into. Stuff like that tends to be either hearsay, or stuff that was put in early development that they probably scrapped. (And considering how bland and depressing what you just described was, I seriously hope its the latter.)

Plus, considering how colorful and happy those ponies looked, I'd say it's probably going to be an upbeat series that will hopefully focus more on Adventure than Slice of Life.

Me personally, I hope it's an entirely different universe separate from G4. No offense, but I wasn't the biggest fan of G4's ending, and the less connection it has to that, the better.

Plus, pulling the Time-Skip/continuation angle doesn't always pay off. Stuff like Legend of Korra was one of the rare times it works. Most times it tends to fail.

Looks more like Hello Pinkie Pie than I'd expected.

Honestly, I’m just glad to hear you’ve got your mojo back, man. Looking forward to the next installment of Element Fury!

Actually, we DO have some bit of information on the plot of G5:

According to Hasbro:

The pony world of Equestria has lost its magic. (GASP!) Friendship and Harmony have been replaced by paranoia and mistrust, and Ponies now live separated by species. Sunny — a feisty and idealistic young Earth Pony — is convinced there’s still hope for this divided world … but her slightly misguided and often hilarious efforts to change hearts and minds have led to her being branded a misfit. When Sunny befriends a lost Unicorn named Izzy, who wanders innocently into the Earth Pony town of Maretime Bay, the town has had enough. Izzy and Sunny must embark on an epic adventure that will include a daring jewel heist, outrageous conspiracy theories, elaborate musical numbers, and the world’s cutest flying Pomeranian. Their adventures will take them to faraway lands and force them to challenge the status quo by facing their fears and making new friends out of old enemies. The world Sunny has dreamed of her entire life could finally become a reality as Sunny and her newfound friends fight to prove that even LITTLE ponies can make a BIG difference.

So, basically the show will be about our main friend group traveling Equestria trying to mend the distrust that has grown between species. My guess is that it's been SUCH a long time since the events of G4 that Twilight and the Mane Six (maybe even the Young Six too) have all died and so without any guardians of Friendship and Harmony, the paranoia and mistrust of Equestria rose and led to this.

Considering "old enemies" is listed in here I HAVE to wonder if maybe there might be a plan when Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow escape their stone prison. This seems like something they'd take advantage of.

Hopefully I can get it out to you guys sooner rather than later.

This... sounds promising. Hopefully they don't try a BS redemption of Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow. You don't have to redeem every villain, Hasbro. LET THEM BE EVIL!

Okay, admittedly the premise wasn't as horribly bleak as I made it sound, but you can see which parts of it would be alienating, right?

I mean, I want Equestria to stay as wholesome, innocent, and magical as I last remember it to be. I don't want it to be full of paranoia, mistrust, and racism, so much so that just showing kindness to a lost stranger apparently gets people mad at you. :ajsleepy:

Honestly, best I can say is to try and keep an open mind as you can. And don't let your love for G4 stop you from trying to like G5.

Plus for all we know, they might change so that this season is a full AU separate from G4. Or at least, I hope they do.

What are your exact thoughts on Gen 4's ending actually? :0

Depends on which ending you mean.
If you mean the Ending of the End, it was dumb. Seriously, the Grogar is Discord plot twist could best be summed up with this:

Plus, Discord suggesting they petrify the three villains comes across as very out of character, especially seeing as how in his first appearance back in Season 2, he specifically SAYS he doesn't turn his victims to stone.
And of course, even though he was in some way responsible for all the chaos and destruction the villains caused, Discord gets absolutely NO CONSEQUENCES WHATSOEVER!

Add all of that on top of Luna getting royally screwed over by not giving her the throne (which would make A LOT more sense seeing as how she has WAY more experience than Twilight ever could) the fact that overall it doesn't feel like a satisfying conclusion to the show or to most of the important plot lines, and you basically end up asking yourself "Who the hell wrote this garbage?!"

As for The Last Problem... it was better than the Ending of the End, but I still didn't really care for it. I think it might just be because the writers left it too open-ended for my taste. Too many questions are still left unanswered, we never found out how Twilight went from being her usual nervous-wreck of a pony to the confident princess we see now, and we never get a definite answer on whether or not she's actually immortal or if she just has an extended lifespan (and I severely hope it's the latter.)

But perhaps my biggest problem is the new design for Twilight. SHE LOOKS TERRIBLE! How the hell did that even happen? Did she do that to herself, or do Alicorns just have some sort of magic-based growthspurt that turns them into freakish giants? Also, why the F*&* does she have an ethereal mane?

That is not Twilight Sparkle, that's Princess Celestia with Twilight's colors! Twilight becoming Princess of Equestria could've been a lot easier to swallow if Hasbro would actually have let her just be herself and stay herself, but her new design gives the unfortunate implication that she's trying to be the next Princess Celestia. Twilight, honey, you don't need to do that. Just Be Yourself!

:facehoof:Seriously, writers. You had one job, to give a satisfying conclusion to nine seasons of the surprising hit of a show that was Gen 4 of My Little Pony, that managed to not only draw in a fanbase of little kids but also grown adults.

My only hope is that the writers and showrunners for Gen 5 learn from this, as well as the other mistakes that were made in Gen 4, and avoid repeating them so they can make Gen 5 even better.

Whats worse is how Discord decided the trio's fates.
It doesn't matter if he wants to make up for causing those 3 to be threats since he's carrying out the original intention of his plan for them, disposing of them. His plan(if it didn't went haywire) pretty much intended on using Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy Glow(and Sombra) as disposable cannon fodder, he didn't care what would happen to them.
Discord should be way above this kind of thinking by now. This is something pre-reform Discord would think since prior to reformation, he saw other beings as playthings pretty much.

His plan caused the sisters to have crappy sendoffs pretty much.
Most likely damaging their confidence, I see Luna suffers it even worse.

Whats worse is how The Last Problem didn't even bother showing us how are Luna and Celestia are doing despite their damn retirement is what kicked everything off here. They are freaking important characters.

As for Gen 5, I am really hoping if it does follow Gen 4, it would make up for some certain issues like for Spike and how Luna got shafted.
Though I am really hoping these "old enemies" the summary mentioned aren't the trio. Because it would be horrifying if they were statues that long. It really isn't right to leave them like that.
It doesn't matter if the trio caused such a huge mess, ITS DISCORD'S FAULT.
The trio may deserve some punishment but not THIS punishment, especially given how its the very chaos spirit that caused them to be like this in the first place.

What are your thoughts on Gen 5, 2 years later?

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