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    I’m not quite dead yet!

    So, why did you drag me and my wife out of retirement? We have a flight to board in two hours!


    No, Twilight, we have a right to know!

    Look, firstly, I paid for those tickets, and secondly, I just posted an update to the story that has been languishing in limbo for a year.

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    EFNW 2021, Writing news, and other things.

    In case you haven’t heard, it’s on for this year. Blackwater and I finished making our arrangements earlier tonight (last night? It’s after midnight for me but I haven’t slept yet...) and we’re kind of locked in. I’ll be wearing a Rose Quill shirt one of the days we’re there and perhaps some other clothing articles other days if I feel sociable. We’ll see how it goes.

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    Red like Roses

    It's been a month.

    Car issues, lack of motivation, lack of time, and quite possibly some minor burnout happening.

    I mean, let's take a look at my current writing list:

    1. Trials of a Princess (roughly 80%?)
    2. Truth of the Heart (roughly 90%?)
    3. Shadows Fade in Daylight and associated stories (RWBY, on AO3, 75%)
    4. Warriors of Faith (discontinued)

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  • 61 weeks
    Just a little sneak peak

    Just to show I am actually writing over here. Putting it in the spoiler blocks to avoid those who don't want to see what might be coming.

    So, here we go... Spoiler time.

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  • 66 weeks
    *Humming contentedly*

    You’re in my head like a catchy song.

    More to come very soon.

    Have some pretty and completely unrelated images.

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Just a little sneak peak · 5:30am Oct 4th, 2020

Just to show I am actually writing over here. Putting it in the spoiler blocks to avoid those who don't want to see what might be coming.

So, here we go... Spoiler time.

We followed the goat through the tunnel, the sound of our hooves on stone echoing ominously in the dim light of our horns. It wasn’t long before we stood before a gap in the cave floor that reached out past the walls of the large cavern that the split created. The ceiling was beyond the light that the three of us unicorns cast and there was a light breeze that cleared some of the stuffy air of the cave out.

“How did they get over?” I asked, eyeing the gap. It looked longer than most ponies could vault. “Are we dealing with Pegasi or Thestrals?”

“I would rule out any type of ground based folk that we’re used to,” Bernie said, pointing at a print in some rock dust. The print had a hard point with what looked like two narrow toes or claws. “I’ve tracked everything from Timberwolves to Centaurs and I’ve never seen a track like this before.”

“I have,” the Archmage said quietly, turning her eyes to the roof of the cavern, forcing more light from her horn. I followed her gaze upwards and felt my mouth go dry.

The roof of the cave held thick, swaying lines of spider silk as well as a few bundles along their lengths. I saw the heavily holed leg of an unredeemed Changeling sticking out from one. In the center of the conflux of webbing sat a massive spider, it’s bulbous abdomen pointing down towards us, it’s long hooked legs stretched out to various strands of it’s funnel-shaped nest, motionless. I saw what looked like an eye on the middle of its abdomen, but I couldn’t tell if it was an actual eye or some sort of decoration. I saw light glint off one of its actual eyes, and swallowed.

Isn't that nice and fluffy?

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