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Taking 5 more OCs before I close down OC requests. · 5:24pm September 24th

Please be sure to check the edits I made to my original blog. I don't want to drag any politics or real-life groups of people into this story.

Also, one OC per person.

DISCLAIMER: Your OCs will be used in a What If-style crackfic. There is no guarantee for their safety, sanity, or continuing presence in their current state of existence. Don't expect them to always act in-character, either.

I'm writing this story purely to have some fun in the chaos that is 2020.

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Comments ( 17 )

This is a betrayal of the highest order

By any chance, by politics are you referring to one of my OCs?



What the hell even is that?

Lore: After an epic redpill, schizophrenia ball sets out into the world with the aim to create a single seperate state for all Jews, gays, and trans, and Nazis, and confederates, all under his lord's guide of Joseph stalin and funny mustache guy.

Alright, after some brief consideration, I present to you, my new OC.
Introducing, Putin Ball! (he is the thicc one duh)


So... I can't give one other O.C. ?

Do thicc putin now!!!!

Okay okay. I admit, previous one, may be a bit too much. Which is why I've decided to kick it up a notch with Equestria Ball!

Lore: Although seeming like a normal ball, Equestria Ball advocates for friendship and peace in the world via nuclear hellfire. Praise sun god.

huzza! Praise sun god!

Christ how hard did you have to simp for all those oc art?? Lmao

How mush I had to what
for the art ?


I'll take that.

for a dollar

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