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Taking 5 more OCs before I close down OC requests. · 5:24pm Sep 24th, 2020

Please be sure to check the edits I made to my original blog. I don't want to drag any politics or real-life groups of people into this story.

Also, one OC per person.

DISCLAIMER: Your OCs will be used in a What If-style crackfic. There is no guarantee for their safety, sanity, or continuing presence in their current state of existence. Don't expect them to always act in-character, either.

I'm writing this story purely to have some fun in the chaos that is 2020.

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By any chance, by politics are you referring to one of my OCs?



What the hell even is that?

So... I can't give one other O.C. ?

How mush I had to what
for the art ?


I'll take that.

for a dollar

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