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I've made up my mind. [CLOSED] · 12:32am Sep 23rd, 2020

DISCLAIMER: Your OCs will be used in a What If-style crackfic. There is no guarantee for their safety, sanity, or continuing presence in their current state of existence.

Your OCs, hand 'em over.

Gimme ideas too.

I'ma run 'em through the pulverizer and yeet the story pulp back at y'all's faces. :V

Man, it's been a while since I've pulled an OC special, hasn't it?

I'll choose the OCs I'll be using and the scenario. :)

EDIT 2: Because there are so many entries, unless you provide info from the very beginning, I will not ask about your OC's backstory, personality, or anything else. This blogpost is meant to collect OCs that I can throw into a meat grinder for funny content.

EDIT 3: 1 OC per person. If you post multiple, I'll only use one.

EDIT 4: No political imagery, commentary, etc. I'm writing this purely for fun. I don't want to drag anything from real life into this.

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You can borrow my oc, surn!

Any oc? Hmmm.... How bout Sunlight Glitter?


any reference pics or nah? I'm thinking of drawing something up in ms paint or something for cover art using as many OCs as possible

Well... I guess I can humor others. Since I want to do something a little different... I will hand over Black Harbringer for you story.
Here’s a pic! cdn-img.fimfiction.net/user/12mb-1587599100-327607-160

Treat him well or things will not go well for other OCs.

He takes nothing seriously.

list of ALL of my O.C.s
Loyal-Dark / Shifting-Surprise
Farmer and GeenBird
4 MOM and sisters
FlashTruth and his Daughter
Pixie Dream
Soft Spark
Marerian (BUFFALO)
HonestAvocado (CHANGELING)
"princess" Dandelion

What the story about ?
do you want a Teacher, a King or a Magic user ?


You can use Athen. I can’t find his picture, unfortunately.

This is gonna be good.

I have created three two OCs, and I will allow you to use both of the OCs
(I will send you details over Discord if you want)

Can't guarantee that all OCs will escape unfazed! This is gonna likely be written in the style of an extended "What If" chapter, after all!

I will grant you use of my first and most glorious OC: a badly drawn potted plant with green leaves and a red pot. Everything else is intentionally left ambiguous.

What ?

What are you looking for ?

Well, i'm definitely not gonna be using all of your OCs, that's for sure.

I know
but what Are you looking for ?

Magic user ?

Teacher ?

King ?

Farmer ?

random characters

you just sent a heckton of 'em, that's all

i'll only be using one or two at most from that list

Ok... fell free to ask me anything about them
and I'll let you know each one can fell the... hole that you are lacking

nah, i'm going with whatever's provided. If you don't post info, I won't ask for it and I'll make it up myself.

Let me know which one you picked and I'll tell you about them

edit: p.s. There BIO should be in the links

I just want characters that I can throw into a blender though :V

FlashTruth know a but about all tips of Magic

Zizard is a Zebra that lives in Cantolat, and was rassed by Unicorns

IrisMatik his a ditashed horn that can tuned into anything

PurpleMusic only has one eye, and sings her spells

Kirouac is a half Dragon that has a Sword of untold Power

Farmer has a Horn and a pair of Wings
but would rather be just a normal farmer

Solid Ground was born with a Horn and Wings, from 2 Earth-pony parents

Bent-G. can change the Gender of any ponies

Helsa has ICE-Powers

A-Dark-ble has Power over the Animals and make make them more Powerful

SamuraiKnight Swins a Sword with her Tail.

Dandelion is Self-Centered and thinks she is better then any other pony just because she was born with a Horn and Wings.

Knit Wit.
He's an idiot with good intentions who likes making people happy.

Literally all there is to it. Lol.


Gypsy Moth- Pegasus/Changeling hybrid(could be considered an Alicorn if you squint)

Appearance: A white-skinned, reformed changeling with a pony-like face and purple, pony like eyes. A short, blue mane and tail that fade into purple. Her chest area is a blue shell with a purple gem in the middle, and her wings are purple moth wings with blue patterns.

Personality: A chaotic bitch who loves getting on everyone's nerves with her morally questionable hijinx. Basically pinkie, but given magic, shapeshifting, and Twilight's IQ.

Terrus Stokkr/ Concordius Strife
Literally the same character, just at different points in time (he was born as Terrus). Terrus is pretty sane (about as sane as an average pony), while Concordius tends to dance with insanity from time to time.

Insanity is built into the character(s), so go wild (if you decide to use him/them).

How about Odium? You can use him if you want.

This is literally going to be the first time I've used my OCs for anything. Okay no, that's a lie, I did get one of them in a big collab image on Derpibooru, but I'm talking fanfic-wise. Anyway, here's Mastermare (top) and Darkstar (bottom).



I'm in!


Name: Orange Picker

Race: Earth Pony

Cutie Mark: First pony to choose not to get their cutie mark (so has none)

Goals/Personality: Is extremely self-aware. Knew she was destined to be an orange picker because of her name, and can't get why others can't figure out basic meta stuff like that lol. Invented mech wings and mech horns to eliminate differences between the three races.

Hates cutie marks/special talents because she finds them limiting and unfair, since the Mane 6 were destined to be powerful heroes, while other ponies were destined to be what she calls background ponies.

She plans to overthrow Equestria and create a new world based on her ideals. So she challenges Celestia to the first ever election for ruler of Equestria. Is very clearly a villain.

Edit: Didn't see edit 3 from you. Feel free to pick whichever one you feel will be funnier/better suited to your fic.

Name: Teardrop

Race: Earth Pony

Cutie mark/Special talent: Three teardrops. Special talent is to cause pain and suffering.

Personality/Goals: Was cursed by destiny to be a villain. He's basically a what if style inversion of the Mane 6, who were destined to be the heroes. He doesn't want to be the villain, but feels he has to since destiny is everything in Equestria.

Personality-wise he's basically a pony version of Light Yagami from "Death Note" and Lelouch from "Code Geass." He's a genius Machiavellian manipulator who wins using his brain and considers magic a crutch for dummies lol.

Don't have any pics, but he's essentially these two pics in pony form haha.



My OC: Firestorm. Pegasus male.

Coat: dull orange.
Mane: tricolored red, yellow, and orange.
Eye color: neon yellow.

Cutie mark: a flaming X

Disposition: overexaggerated and un-serious, save for ponies taking personal stabs at him. Comedic and spontaneous, but can get uncomfortable to be around after a long time. Humor hides his negative feelings, like jealousy and fear.

Likes: friendships, humor, girls, fire, sunshine, flying.

Wants: to find romance and be himself. A chance to prove his real mettle. A relaxing life, but a fun one as a fast flier and retired soldier.

Fears: rejection, limitations, being left behind.

Hates: pretentiousness, snobbiness, intrusiveness, pride. Cooking. His friends being hurt.

Book Knight was inspired by his grandfather and the injury of his father to become the best guard in Equestria and guard Ponyville. When he discovered a comic book that Twilight brought from the mirror world, Book was inspired to take this role one step further and become the Shadow Knight. He received permission from Luna to become Equestria's first vigilante. Book is a dedicated worker but has little to no social life. He is thick-headed and doesn't show a lot of sympathy due to what this role has put him through. He will focus on the mission, no matter what happens on the way, but when the mask is off after he makes a major mistake that cost somebody something dearly, he will isolate himself and trash whatever room he picks out of frustration and guilt for not being smart enough or strong enough at the time.


Book's Cutie mark is a knight's helmet and a book.

Yo, Tech, what if you do my OC, Thunder Clash? I think you've seen some of my discussions with you on his backstory before regarding an AU of mine in a google doc. :twilightsmile:


Okay no, that's a lie, I did get one of them in a big collab image on Derpibooru

Can I see the collab ?

Please link it.

Bio-Bionic and Dandelion wants to meat your O.C.

Sorry, you're a little too late! :twilightsheepish:

EDIT: whoops, looks like I did have one more slot!

Wow... un... can you please draw a BIG Circle around your O.C. ?

Sorry, I can't include your OC without a reference or description! This is going on the cover art!


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