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I just finished my first self-indulgent fic in a long time! · 6:36pm June 17th

As most of you may have noticed, I got a little overly-focused on a new personal story that I just completed on FimFiction the other day: Brushed Away - Canvas' Cutie Mark Mission. I know that I still have a lot on my plate writing-wise with Patreon (which BTW, I got the first 2K words of my next project already written out ;) ), but I'm really confident with my writing abilities after the lengthy novella I managed to churn out in two weeks! :D

But yeah, as my title of this blog says, I'm aware that this story was very self-indulgent on my end. Ever since I got my first tattoo back in 2017 (which in turn was my way of celebrating one million words worth of fanfiction), making my 100th story on this site tattoo-themed seemed rather fitting. Not to mention, I've really gotten myself immersed into tattoo culture over the past couple of years, mostly in the form of youtube and reddit groups for proper education on the topic.

By the time the MLP series finale finally aired, and I was able to overcome my own emotions about the series coming to a close (and on a massive high note, in my opinion), one of the first questions I pondered was what Troy & Canvas would look like in that future timeline; and from that, the very first idea that came to mind was, "Give Canvas some bitchin' tattoo sleeves!"

So from there, I thought a lot about what kind of origin story would actually lead to that sort of conclusion. And in the end, making it a Cutie Mark Mission for Canvas to solve seemed like the best option. When I was getting hooked on episodes of Ink Master on Youtube (a great time-waster BTW), I was impressed by how creative and artistic the contestants would be; not only would there be impressive tattoo challenges, but flash challenges with other mediums (crayons, wax, dyes on unconventional mediums, etc) that would've been perfect for Canvas regardless of tattoos. And the more I thought it, the more sense it made for Canvas to get into the tattoo culture himself.

Now with that being said, the idea of making Flamingo Fire the focused character was mostly due to coincidence. Since Flamingo was originally featured in the first story, they ended up being one of the first characters who sprung to mind when I pondered possible ponies into body art. Interestingly enough, making Flamingo a mare for this sequel was always my intention from the beginning; but with that being said, I'm really glad I decided to write a pro-trans theme to this story in light of recent global events. I have several trans & non-binary friends myself (including my BF, who goes by he/they pronouns), so it meant a lot for me to finally write out Flamingo Fire as a full-fledged character instead of some background piece.

I'm not sure if I'll do a sequel, although the idea certainly has some possibilities. I already know how the various members of the Clawston Family would react to Canvas' newfound tattoo interests, so maybe a good story could come from there? I also happen to know who Canvas' first possible tattoo client would be, so there's also that possible route as well.

Either way, I really hope that you all really liked this self-gratifying M/M story I did on a whim. Feel free to share it around if you can, and maybe see if it can be added the LGBT group (I tried to check the links, but I wasn't sure who to PM the story to). I'm honestly really proud of the story, and I hope it can inspire me to try for bigger projects in the near future. :D

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I loved it since I found brushed away I can't stop reading the series over and over again it is my all time favorite gay series because I am bisexual and I love a good gay story ty

Not gonna lie. You are probably my favorite author on FiMFiction, maybe tied with some others. Brushed Away and it’s sequels always made my day when I would read them, and I think you should keep writing, because you are a great author.

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