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Not dead · 2:13pm Jun 11th, 2020

On the outside, anyway.

Hello, my darling little ponies. Been a while, hasn't it? Did you miss me? Lady Rarity certainly missed you! Where has Lady Rarity been, you may be wondering? You know that job, I was gushing over a few weeks ago? This one? Right, right, the ' overnight-work-from-home-ten-hour-shift' job? It leaves me exhausted. And not much time for other activities, now that I sleep during the day and work feverishly at night. I'm supposed to be on the clock right now, in fact, but I needed a little break, so now I'm sitting here eating some meh sushi from the local grocery and thinking about my birthday. Yes, it's passed and yes, Lady Rarity is a whooping +1.
It was nice enough, I suppose. What with being cooped in due to Covid, and the violence outside, not much fun was had, but was relatively peaceful, so...a plus, I suppose? I did spend a little bit of it contemplating the next chapter of my story.

Oh, yes, I've been writing. I haven't been posting anything, but I've still been writing. Can't stop writing, really. This story is a gift for a friend. One I started last year I believe. Dawn, Diamond, and Dinky, Luna's 'Children of the Night' are tasked to recruit a new member and save the world. A little filly named Starlight with the power to communicate with the deceased. A little psychic girl on par with Dinky's budding necromancy.

Starlight perked her ears listening to the hoofsteps that slowly melted into the distance. Her mother had gone, disappeared down the hall off to do whatever things grown-ups did when they thought their foals were sound asleep.  Slowly, she sat up and peered around the room, trying to pierce through the abundance of gloom saturating her room. Luna always seemed to be on point when it came to filling her room with unsettling shadows and overbearing darkness. At one point, they’d frightened her, sending tremors racing down her spine when she caught them out of the corner of her eye. 

But not lately. Lately, she’d come to welcome the shadows that crept into her room when night fell. Lately, she was eager for them, craving the elegant touch of dark divinity that came with Luna’s grace. And speaking of Luna, Starlight cast her gaze around the room, idly stopping on shadow soaked toys and gloom-ridden dolls, until she came to a stop on the towering wooden doors that kept the monsters out of her closet. Intently, she watched, peering at the double doors with narrowed eyes and filled lungs. The doors remained motionless, quiet, and stationary, much like the foal swathed in covers. She knew it was coming though. Like the night before, and the night before that, and so on, and so on. The doors shuddered. Starlight grinned. 

Slowly, the enormous wooden door inched open, cracking ever so slightly to reveal a stripe of solid black shadow. From that impenetrable shadow, a grey ear slid free, flickering gently and listening for the sounds of anyone that wasn’t meant to be present in the room. When it seemed satisfied that it was alone, the door continued to creak open, further and further, until the luminescent glow of a ruby eye peered into her room, followed by the blunt muzzle of a bat and the gleaming fangs that protruded from it. Even in the darkness, they seemed to glint and glisten casting an eye-catching glimmer from the depths of the shadow closet they emerged from. 

Starlight bit her lower lip, the fur on the back of her neck beginning to stand up in growing anticipation. She could see everything happening across the room, peering past the foot of her bed where the door opened wider, and a small grey bat-filly tumbled from the tightly cramped space of the closet. 

“Hey!” she hissed, twisting her head around and peering into the gloom of the closet. “Don’t push!” she snarled.  Starlight bit back a giggle, ears perking when a familiar voice chimed out from the gloom.

“It’s not my fault, Dinky pushed me first!” The new voiced hissed. From the closet came a third voice, that whispered into her room.

“It’s cramped in here enough as it is. I can’t see anything with Dawn’s fat butt in my face!” 

“Who are you calling fat?!”

“It’s dark. We can’t see anything anyway,”

“Would you two idiots just get out of the way?!”

Like a mismanaged circus act, two more bodies piled atop one another, all tumbling free of a closet that had no business housing three fillies. Dawn, Diamond, and Dinky, or, as Starlight had been told “Luna’s Children of the Night.” Personal Assistants to the princess of the evening. The three fillies quickly righted themselves and made their way to the foot of Starlight’s bed, and at the sight of her, the three of them beamed wildly. Even Dinky, who Starlight had discovered usually had a sour disposition, seemed pleased to see her. 

“Hello!”  They crooned in unison, which forced a quiet giggle from Starlight. Dawn leaped forward, arcing up into the air where she landed daintily on at the foot of the bed and flashed Starlight a bright smile, her fangs seemed to gleam even in the darkness, shiny and white, and strangely comforting.

Writing aside, I've been tired. Very, very, very tired. Mostly of the world. Of recent events. Oh. Look. A death at the hands of the constabulary. Again. And so soon after the last one, too. I'm so SICK of people being murdered by them. So sick of this systemic racism the country was built upon. So SICK of ...Well. A lot of things. Just like a lot of people. People keep coming up to me to ask me my views on the situations. I don't want to comment. I don't want to answer. I don't want to think about it. I don't want to be angry. I just want to think about pastel ponies and much less about the crippling depression brought upon by life. They were looting the stores down the street. A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go to the City Hall take over. Did you not hear? Protesters took over City Hall a few nights ago. I knew better than to join them. I would have liked to go down with them to protect them. I know how the local guard are. I know how terrible things are. I suppose I was scared to join and ashamed not to have. All of this? All of this darling? All of this is outright dreadful.

But I'm alive. And that means I can still fight in one way or another. There are many routes and roads when it comes to protest. I simply need find mine. Maybe I can write something.

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Stay positive
Stay safe

Happy belated birthday:heart:

Happy late birthday. Hope ya feel better soon. The state of the world is indeed concerning, but this too will pass.

It's wonderful to hear from you, dear Lady! And equally great to read more of Diamond's adventures with Dinky.

You are quite right, Lady Rarity, there are many ways to protest and make your voice heard. There are many ways to support others and make a difference.

The changes that people are demanding are long, long overdue. Prejudice and the injustice it causes should never have made it this far in our history. I know it hasn't always been that way but the time has come for all of us to be truly equal. Because until we are all equal, then none of us really are.

Please take care, Lady Rarity and stay safe.

It's good to hear from you again! And happy belated birthday!

Yeah, the outside world has gotten a bit hectic, hasn't it? Mostly for the better, it's just unfortunate that we have some people taking the opportunity to cause unrest.

I like the segment! Looking forward to reading the rest! :twilightsmile:

Well glad you are still alive, though clearly not in the best of health. Do be careful out there. We have had protests here, and I have had friends go to them while also having friends who removed anything that could be used a weapon around the outside of their house while staying up all night waiting for a Molotov to be thrown on their roof.

My best friend was in a similar situation as you are, though with him it was Trump. He would watch the news and his speeches, the accusations and lies, and it exhausted him, burning him out with the stress. He felt if their was next to nothing he could do that he should at least be aware of events so he could help where and when he could.

Eventually, although it was hard, he tuned out for a few days and started being able to relax a bit. Ironically, his wife who kept trying to get him to calm down is acting the Same way now with Covid and burning herself out.

It's all crazy. As a kid, I learned that women and black people fought for their rights and could vote and I figured that meant everyone was equal now so we are all good. I miss those days of naivety, but I think it is better I know the real reality of it, I just wish my childhood thoughts had been reality.

The ones here have not been bad at all thankfully, aside from somebody out of towners trying to break into a pizza place at 2 am. I should watch the news more as I have not heard of a city hall takeover.

Better stop or I'll ramble on, keep safe, know that this will end like all things, and that pastel ponies will always love you. ❤️

Happy Belated Birthday! If I knew where you live, I'd have arrived with cake and ice cream. Who doesn't like cake and ice cream?

As for the current situation? I'm the same. I don't like being angry, so I watch the news but I don't join any protests, even though I believe in the cause.

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