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The room · 4:47pm Nov 19th, 2020

31. Thats the number they gave me. Thats where I am. Room 31.

The hospital seems empty. Empty halls. Empty rooms. Empty parking lots. I found a park. Actually just drove right over and found a spot right out in front. The nurses have all been really quite lovely. They tell me I'm ill. I believe them. With what? I don't know. Probably stress when I see the bill. Still. Chest was hurting and I was getting scared. I took a blood pressure reading and my coworker ... persuaded me to visit the hospital. A good call, I think. I've done all of this before, but the chest pains? Those were new. Those were scary.

They took x-rays. Hooked me up to machines. Made me think of Applejack. Not the new Applejack I talked about earlier, no, no the old Applejack that I met in Canterda. I dont know why. I guess cause it's hard to feel scares when she's around. She's pretty good like that.

But she's not around. It's just me. And my thoughts. And my phone. Oh. Thank Luna I bought this phone. I called mother. Told her of my plight. She'll call eventually.. Right now they're doing lab work. Well see what happens. I'm a little loopy from whatever solution they pumped me with, but feel less like im dying now. So. Thats a plus.

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Comments ( 8 )

*Hugs* I know it's very scary, dear Lady. I'm glad you are there, though and getting checked. Know that good thoughts are with you. And don't worry, we're here for you!:twilightsmile:

Glad you sought medical attention and received it! Know that we are here for you! Keep us updated!

I really hope you're okay.

Wanderer D

Hey stay strong and keep us posted, we're all thinking of you.

Good luck! This is very scary hope you get better soon.

Good call seeking medical attention. Feel better soon!:pinkiesad2:

I know its moot to reply to a blog to a situation that's come and gone but *Internet hugz* <3

Even thought i never knew you, always know that i loved you're stories and im sure that others would say the same.

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