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I am the king of stupid things! I think...

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  • Today
    To the left, to left

    To the right, to the right

    Also, if you wanna do this it’s:

    just spell 'right' right

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  • Today
    Best 37 Seconds of My Life Ever

    Ra ra Rasputin, lover of the Russian Queen~

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  • Thursday
    Heh, so...

    I was laying in bed beside my lil’ sis (she wanted me to put Spirt: Riding Free on) and I decided to lay down for a bit, and then she started rubbing my head like I’m a dog. Maybe Wolf is my spirt animal.

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  • Thursday
    Oh say can you seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


    I am definitely trippin’ balls right now...

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  • Thursday
    Fang Gang Shorts #88

    Broken looked at Dagger, then at his playing card. “Okay, so your task is to blow a job interview in like the first thirty seconds, how do you do it?”

    Dagger thought for a bit, then asked, “how strict is the sexual harassment policy?”

    Broken blinked. “Hol’up.”

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The Path Of Redemption · 3:26pm June 3rd

Redeemed Souls is out now. Go read it now. Please

Report MlpHero · 22 views · Story: Blue Fang · #Redeemed Souls
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