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    Now I will say this: Yes, these are hard times. But hard times have always existed. Yes, our country has failed to live up to its ideals at times... Which is why we need to work all the harder for them to be reality.

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    The Stars Revolt: Trap

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    Dash: "... Twenty bits."

    Shepherd: "You're on."

    And so...

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    And waits

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Plot Bunny Theater: Prince Knightmare · 10:28pm May 20th

Twilight Sparkle is in Golden Oaks Library, hoping to get away from the hardcore partying on the night of the Summer Sun Festival. She goes downstairs, fumbling in the dark as her horn isn't casting much light.

Also, Pinkie Pie is bouncing after her.

Pinkie: "So did you like the hot sauce prank? I can make it hotter if you'd like! Or get you vodka! You look like a vodka drinker!"

Twilight: *sighs* "No! I'm trying to save Equestria!" She glares at Pinkie as she trots on down "And maybe if you let me, I could-!"

She bumped into a stone statue, and looked up... Into a face.

Twilight: !!! "BWAH?!" She stumbled back in fright. Pinkie Pie found the light switch, and the face was revealed: As was the body it was connected to, all stone.

Pinkie: "Oh hey! A statue! Neat!"

Twilight: "Wha...?"

It was a statue of a human male, in his twenties, dressed in armor with the sigil of Nightmare Moon across his breastplate and strange feathered "wings" on his back. He had a sword at his side and a helmet sitting by him. He was kneeling, his chin on his fist as he sat and contemplated whatever was in front of him.

Pinkie: "What's it a statue of? Is it a flying monkey? Where's his fez?!"

Twilight: "N-No! This is a statue of Prince Andrew Shepherd, the Dark Prince! He was the adoptive son of Princess Luna, and fought beside her and Princess Celestia against Sombra. He was apparently from another world, but Luna found him and raised him as her own."

Pinkie: "Ooohh... Nifty! What happened to him? Is he stone? Did he get stoned?" giggles

Twilight: huffs "He apparently sided with his mother when she became Nightmare Moon. After her defeat though, he vanished." *She gazed up into the stone eyes* "Why would somepony make a statue of him though? When he was Nightmare Moon's Dark Knight?"

Pinkie: "I dunno..." She pokes him several times "Huh! He has pretty eyes! Is that why you're staring so hard?"

Twilight: flush "No! And that's not important!"

Pinkie: grins "Well I think he likes you, Twilight!"

Twilight: "What? Why?" groans "Wait, don't tell me."

Pinkie: "Because he's-!"

Twilight and Pinkie: "Rock hard."

Pinkie giggles and rolls around, as Twilight rolls her eyes.

Twilight: "Ugh, you're just impossible!" *She stormed off, Pinkie bouncing after her* "We have more important things to worry about!"

And indeed, they soon did! As Nightmare Moon returned! Twilight galloped back to the library, trying to find the key to the Elements of Harmony while five annoying ponies kept distracting her.

Twilight: "Ugh! Look! I need to find out where the Elements of Harmony are! And I need to do it alone! It's too dangerous!"

Dash: "Well too bad, because you're not going alone!"

Twilight: "Look, I don't need anypony's help!"

Pinkie: "Ooh! Ooh! Not even his help?" Points behind her!

Twlight turns around. Brushing off some stone flakes from his body, the fully rejuvenated Dark Prince Shepherd looks up at all six mares and one dragon.

Shepherd: "... Hey. Funny question, but-what year is it?"



- - -

Different take on a Human in Equestria story: Princess Luna had an adopted human son, who became a Knight. When she turned into Nightmare Moon, he sided with her and then was frozen in stone for a thousand years. Then, he gets released and has to adjust to the modern world of Equestria.

I'm just using Shepherd as a stand in, it could work for any human OC. Or Flash Sentry.

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Comments ( 8 )

it could work for any human OC. Or Flash Sentry.

To be fair, that could describe most stories Flash is in.

(Come on, you knew someone was going to make a Flash burn sooner or later, I'm just jumping on that grenade before anyone else can.)

I need this story done, like last year lol

Oof. Adjusting to a third time period.

"So, you guys have indoor plumbing yet?"
"Got rid of the tribal caste system?"
"Of course! What kind of savages do you take us for?"
"Internet up and running yet?"
"Ah. That kind of savages."

An interesting concept, but wouldn't he also likely be in need of a good friendship-lasering when he woke up? Or at least a lot of convincing that his mom needs to be stopped again...

No. He fought for his mother reluctantly and tried to be her conscience.

I have a love/hate relationship with your plot bunnies.

I love them because they're great, and funny, and entertaining to read and think about.

I hate them because no one is gonna pick them up, including you.

I get it, you don't have time, or maybe you'd rather focus on other things. I myself have like 15 story prologues/outlines for various franchises that I have not developed. You post them up to get them out of your head, and sort of in the hopes that someone WILL pick up the idea because you're a fan of your ideas as well.

In the end no one gets what they want.

Well now I'm depressed.

Still, you never know. Eventually, someone may be inspired to write one of these ideas out. Not every seed planted grows. But that doesn't mean we stop trying to grow flowers.

No, I completely agree. And it wasn't meant to be a criticism.

I was just kind of expressing my exasperation at seeing these particular flowers wilt.

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