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Update · 11:45am May 15th, 2020

Hey guys I know you have been waiting patiently for the next chapter, and I'm happy to report that its 95% done.

Now there is a part that I'm having trouble with and I cant make up my mind. So I thought I should take into account what you guys would want to choose.

So here is the question.
Should the main character go by his original name that he was given at birth.


Go by toothless.

The decision is up to you guys. Once I get enough replies within hmm maybe 5 to 6 six hours from now I'll write that part in and post.

So yeah leave a comment down bellow on what you guys think I should do.

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Comments ( 17 )

I say flip a coin

I'd like him to go with his birth name, because both tia and lulu know it, and he's not picking favorites with fluttershy. p.s i love this story, keep up the great work! :heart: :twilightsmile: /)

I could go ether way on this

I'd like it if it would be toothless.

Real name would make it good.

I’ll have too go with toothless.
It’ll help me imagine the dragon better.

Not Toothless

I think I prefer Toothless

Noir because that's the name he was called the most.

I think It would be weird for him to suddenly care about them knowing his original name. He didn't seem to care all that much about them knowing it before he could speak, and he already has two other names that are well established; so I don't think it makes much sense having him correct everyone.

Stay with his original name. To lose his name after losing his family, friends, body, and world would be a step too far.

I say the original name

Either his original name or noir

Original name.

I say Noir. Mostly because I can imagine that he knows he's never getting back home, and the name is given and stuck by someone he cares about. Names have a significance to them.
If he gives up his original name, its also a good significance of him moving on if that makes sense.

He's in a new world which he has been around now in for a few years. He's come to at least learn if not accept a few parts of it. Also going by Toothless would perhaps feel a bit like a steal and unoriginal. Toothless was the name given by the dragon in the movies of How to train your dragon. It was a good enough placeholder to use if needed. But Noir feels at least more original to him. Its his name.

That's at least how I feel about it.

I agree with DavetheDJ2 I say Noir

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