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All I ever wanted was to pick apart the day and put the pieces back together my way. Yeah, all I ever wanted was to pick apart the day and put the pieces back together my way.

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Something big will be posted this Thursday... · 10:25pm May 12th

... and it's a collaborative fic written by Kodiologist and myself! Clocking in at four chapters and over 10,000 words, Zecoroota is the most ambitious fic I've ever a hand in. In an effort to whet your collective appetites, Here's the cover art for the story:

Infer what you want about the plot while knowing Kodi and I each picked one of the "ponies" in the picture above to give our own unique voices and arcs using our own styles.

Speaking of styles, most of you are probably unfamiliar with Kodiologist's. He's a cerebral yet playful author whose backlog could definitely do with some more attention. My personal recommendation is Bad Genies, a clever and emotional fic about Scootaloo and Flurry Heart that beat my own attempt at that premise to the punch by about three months.

EBad Genies
Flurry Heart is not doing well at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns.
Kodiologist · 4.6k words  ·  14  0 · 262 views

If that one doesn't interest you, then there's always his trollfic about Sweetie Belle having the hots for Jesus. Lotta particularly painful horse puns in that one for all you masochists out there.

Also, as a bit of an update on the Snippet Series, expect the Season Finale to be uploaded in the next month or so. It'll be a big crossover oneshot that features most of the more well-received storylines that the series has established so far. Those of you who have been hoping to see more of Stock Image, Vitty, penitent Lightning Dust, and angsty Flurry Heart can look forward to all of them returning for what will hopefully be a good culmination for all their ordeals. When the time comes, of course.

For now, get hype for Zecoroota, due to go live on Kodiologist's account this Thursday. Go ahead and give him a Follow so you don't miss out on this collaborative character study that was months in the making!

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