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Voting open for Dirty Little Secret's Dirty Little Contest · 4:49pm May 6th, 2020

Hi everypony!

Voting is now open for Dirty Little Secret's Dirty Little Contest! I've had fun with it, and I know many other authors have really enjoyed getting to grips with new stories for it too.

If you've read any of the entered stories, by any author, show them some love here!


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Shout out to GentlemanPonyographer, who wrote The Coming of Celestia the Equestrian and To Explore the Realm of Dreaming, and garatheauthor, author of Phantom Pleasures: The Enchanted Library Erotica, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Cadance's Big Fat..., Denial and Exposure - these are incredibly talented writers who deserve to have their stuff read, especially when they're in DLS's contest! :twilightsmile:

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