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New story tomorrow at 6PM GMT: Private Lessons · 7:56pm Apr 21st, 2020

Hi everypony!

Just a quick heads up that tomorrow, another story is coming out, this one commissioned by DbzOrDie. It's a lovely piece of BDSM with Cheerilee and Luna, and I hope you enjoy it :twilightsmile:


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Yay!!! You know, when I first started the FiMC series I had my doubts. I'm not really into the whole mind control scene. But when I read Applejack Gets Brainwashed, I couldnt stop you have done something amazing and come up with ways for MC that I would never have even imagined. You're writing is superb and the story as a whole is just phenomenal.

The plague-father blesses again in these static times.

5247285 You are much too kind! Thank you :twilightsmile: I'm very flattered, and I'm glad you're enjoying my work.

Luna and cheerilee, that’s a combo you don’t see too often. Sounds interesting can’t wait

Well, this sounds fun!

Though on the other hand, I can't help but start brainstorming about a clopfic where Cheerilee is like "sexy teacher roleplay? Seriously? That's my job. Hell of a way to get me out of the mood. Can't I be like, the sexy pizza delivery girl or something?"

Then again I am terrible like that.

5247339 ...oh my god, I actually love this.

So, what, am I supposed to abstain until tomorrow? How can you ask something so cruel, yet so reasonable? :twilightblush:


How can you ask something so cruel, yet so reasonable?

Cruel yet reasonable is the hallmark of the considerate sadist.

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