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FiMC:C fan art! · 1:53pm Sep 4th, 2020

Hi everypony!

I thought I'd share this delightful fan art by IcyChamber, who has posted a couple of images up to their DeviantArt page!


Hope you're all doing well and take care,


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I am doing very well, thank you for asking.

I have rampant Insomnia, but I'm getting alot of reading done at least.
Happy September. (i guess it's a thing)

5348309 I've just seen a book review titled Lesbian Necromancers in Space Will Break Your Heart for a book called Harrow the Ninth, a sequel to one called Gideon the Ninth, and the title of the article alone has sold me on getting hold of these books and reading them.

Lol even the page url is "slamber". Makes me laugh every time. Great fan art, though!

So basically a Space Empire with a bunch of Rotty Tops.

The eyes in both drawings look a little bit... sinister.

I love it!

Article you mentioned on lesbian necromancers looks pretty dope too. Must check these books out.

I am a little less than proud of the reaction those pieces of art got out of me. I'm doing well, thank you very much for asking, and you changed your profile pic! It looks good I really like it! Sauce please

5348385 There's no openly available place to go see it; it was a commission, and wasn't put up anywhere. It's also highly nsfw. That said, let me shoot you a message with a gdrive link!

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