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Sunset's Isekai · 11:43pm April 2nd

Assuming you haven't read it yet, we visit a very interesting world.

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Comments ( 17 )

Shameless promotion: My story Villain Pub was actually inspired by Isaki, and I make a reference to it in chapter two, should you wanna read it......

Author Interviewer

I prefer to think of it as "Sunset's ice, 'kay?"

Oh goodness, it does look like a mutant Cubone.

Everybody should check out The Owl House. I left my reasons for liking it over at the story's comments.

Though these credits represent the Boiling Isles well, I like the end credits to "Something Ventured, Someone Framed." That song would have fit into any John Hughes film.

love that show

thoe i hate luz's mom

I personally don't hate Luz's mother so much as I disagree with her stance on Luz's preferred lifestyle. I also have to wonder what will happen with Luz's mother in the future episodes as there is NO way she wont find out Luz is NOT at camp. After all how much time has already passed? I am sure the camp has informed Luz's mother that she (Luz) has not arrived at camp.

Ow that’s cool al definitely check out this chapter then

Owl's House is a nice, imaginative and funny series.
Luz is basically Mabel from Gravity Falls if she were a cutie mark crusader.

I can warmly recommend it to all of you!

You can watch it online when you google for "kisscartoon owl house season 01".

One of the central themes of this series is that the Isekai stands outside of the flow of time. It's like going to Narnia. You return mere moments after you left.

This is not the case with Owl House as Episode 1 proved. We see at the end of the Episode Luz receive a text from her mom asking how camps going. This means time is still passing in Luz's world


conversion camps are horrid thoe and that is what she wanted to send luz to

There's a difference between a camp that promotes certain ideas and a conversion camp.

It’s the spiritual heir to Gravity Falls and Star VS the Forces of Evil. This of course means it is superb, being both amusing and remarkably subtle in some respects.

Is it weird that I ship Eda and Grunkle Stan?

Wanderer D


Is it weird that I ship Eda and Grunkle Stan?

I'm sure you've seen the theory that they actually got married?

I so need to catch up, on both the Owl House and the fic. I got distracted by going over to read the Celestia Changeling Queen stories when that chapter came out, and now I'm so behind.

No I haven’t. I like the idea of it, although it always hurts to know that what you thought was an original idea has already been done.

Edit: Annnd I just googled “Eda Stan”. Some people do go overboard don’t they?
Follow at your own peril


It would appear Disney have found an ideal formula for intro themes for shows of this kind, and have since applied it liberally.

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