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Commissioned Art: Love Rivals · 11:12pm March 30th

You might not believe this, but I'm a bit of a shipper.

When it comes to shipping in MLP, Spike is almost certainly the character I ship the most. I just feel that, despite his flaws, he has good connections and chemistry with other characters. He can be nice, snarky, supportive, you name it! He's a pretty all around guy, and that let's him

At the top of my ship Spike ships list stand SpikeBelle and SpikeBloom. If you've followed me long enough, you know I love SpikeBelle, but SpikeBloom has really gotten up there for me, recently. I mean, I've always shipped SpikeBloom but more so over the past few months. See, I'm currently working on a long story that heavily features Apple Bloom, and she's become very precious to me, in no small part due to her interactions with Spike. Plus, the IDW comics do like to tease a little bit of SpikeBloom to us every so often (the 2017 Holiday Special and a quick moment in issue #78 come to mind). I swear, if MLP isn't teasing us with SpaRity, it's SpikeBelle, and, if it isn't SpikeBelle, it's SpikeBloom. I love it. It keeps us guessing.

So, this drawing came to be after I saw ChrisRainicorn was doing commissions at half her normal price. I, of course, jumped onto the chance and decided to go with a little more humorous route. Rather than make it serious, I decided to have my two favorite Spike ships portrayed in a more sarcastic route (though, I do feel for Spike in this one). I really like it! Thanks, ChrisRainicorn! I really appreciate it! May you stay safe and make more lovely art for the world. Also, you made this very fast. Seriously, I would've posted this yesterday if I hadn't already blogged. I didn't expect this the same day I commissioned it. Thanks!

I can definitely make a story out of this one. Spike, what are you to do when a lovely singer and a cute farm girl are both competing for your affection? Be very careful. I definitely wouldn't want to make either one upset, for their well-being as well as yours. May Celestia have mercy on your soul.

Here it is!

What do you think? Do you like it? What do you think Spike should do in this situation? My answer: be very careful :rainbowlaugh:

Report RS-Belle14 · 103 views · #shipping
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Comments ( 18 )

You might not believe this, but I'm a bit of a shipper.


It's true! I swear :scootangel:

This is a very nice, well drawn image! :twilightsmile:

As for what Spike should do in this situation?

Well, I wouldn't say he should go that far. He should end up with at least one of them :rainbowlaugh:

"I have two girls by my side,
There's one on my left,
And one on my right,
There's no place that I can hide
From the girls on either side.
I want to escape, from this ride,
But if I chose, it's suicide
Killed by the girls, at my side."

Modified from an old Sesame Street song "Two monsters by my side" that I swear is real, even though I can't find a clip anywhere.

I don't envy Spike's position. But, hey, comedy is derived from misery, so, sorry Spike, you will suffer so that we can laugh.

That's an epic poem! Sesame Street? I never would've guessed.

Sure, Spike's in a pretty rough spot, but... who knows? He might get lucky :rainbowlaugh:

Hey, I literally just favorited that image on Derpi! Great image with a great implied story. The "Why me?" look on Spike's face is just... perfect.


I'm a bit of a shipper.


I appreciate the fave! And I most definitely will make a real story form this some day.

And it's true! I'm a shipper! I swear :scootangel:

Found it. The song's called "I'm between". The lyrics are very different than I remember.

You might not believe this, but I'm a bit of a shipper.

Coulda fooled me.

And here I thought you were kidding.

It's true! Honest :scootangel:

I know. I've hidden it well.

Nope. Though, like I said, my memory of the lyrics was pretty dang far off.

I just listened to the song... yeah, you weren't completely on the mark :rainbowlaugh:

Pick Scootaloo.

Spike is already stuck inbetween these two, and you want to throw in a third party?! Have mercy! :rainbowlaugh:

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