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Why Writing the SunLight Wedding is Difficult · 9:55pm Apr 17th, 2021

If I blink, I swear weeks go by. Where does the time go? :rainbowderp:

The Rays of SunLight series consists of what are probably my most popular stories. While that is overall a great thing, it has come with a rather tall demand. For those of you who don't know, I never write a story with the intention to make a sequel or series. If I do, it's just because I feel like there's more to be told or thought of something that might be fun that could possibly connect with a previous story. Otherwise, sequels are just too hard for me. I have mostly held true to that idea, but the SunLight series has been the sole exception.

I intended Holiday Sunlight to be its own thing, Ponyville Sunlight came to me while I was shoveling woodchips, and Prom's Night Light just seemed like the natural progression given Ponyville's ending (plus, I liked the idea of a prom night). Following the original three stories, I was half and half on continuing. It didn't feel like a proper conclusion, but I didn't think it left on a bad note, either. With that in mind (along with all the stress I had in 2017), I eventually did release Everglowing Sunlight, and that was intended to be the finale.

However, given the engagement at the end, I have received a number of messages asking me a wedding fic.

First, thanks to everyone who has read my stories and wishes to see it continue. That really motivates me. Thanks a lot!

That said, while a wedding does some like the natural conclusion at this point in the series, it's not the simplest thing in the world for me. On top of being a sequel, it's also a wedding, and I feel the need to say this: I don't like weddings. I have been to plenty, but I never enjoy myself (well, sometimes I do after the wedding, but I digress). Half the time, I fall asleep. I have been called "rude" on more than one occasion (not that I care), but that doesn't take away that weddings just aren't my thing. It wasn't for some familial or friendly obligation, I probably wouldn't go to any.

All that out of the way, I have written a SunLight wedding fic (about 70% finished), but I'm really just not enjoying myself with it. It sounds like... a wedding. I find it boring, I'm not having fun, and it feels like I'm just going through the motions. Not to mention, I have other projects I've been working on, ones that I really do find myself enjoying, so the wedding fic really does take a backseat most of the time because I just don't find myself with the urge to go back to it.

I'll keep trying whenever get back to it, and hopefully others enjoy it more than I do, but those are my reasons as to why you haven't seen a SunLight wedding, yet.

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What if, instead of covering the wedding itself, you cover everything that's going on around it, and finish right before they head down the aisle? What matters isn't the moment, it's everything that's happening around them. Often, it's the antics of everyone else that makes a good wedding story. It's the same way the wedding episode was handled in MLP. It's not the two getting married that's really the story here. It's everyone else in Ponyville and beyond going bananas trying to make it perfect, and what that leads to.

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