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    Ponyfest 3.0, now featuring Tumbleweed! (that's me).

    Because apparently quarantine hasn't driven me crazy YET.

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    So how's everybody holding up?

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So, uh, how is everybody? · 4:17am March 26th

As I guess I'm ... okay?

At least in the grand scheme of things. I'm lucky like that. I've mostly buckled down, and I've ... kind of gotten into a routine? Maybe? It's funny, as there were times I was like 'oh man if only I had time to just hang out and write and play video games' and OH HEY I JUST GOT MONKEY PAWED.

Stupid dramatic irony.

Still, I've been trying to make the most of it. My usual in-person tabletop groups have switched to Discord, which is ... different, but we can make it work. We're sticking to more rules-light stuff, which is fine-- though I kiiiiinda want to try running LANCER at some point, even if Roll20 might not be the best option. LANCER is just rad as hell, you guys. The Raleigh is my favorite mech, because cowboys.

And, uh, speaking of cowboys, I actually buckled down and got something like 2k of words written today, which means an update for The Good, the Bad, and the Sentry. Yay?

Got a little grimmer towards the end than what I expected, but ... well, it'll probably have a happy ending! Once I write it, at least. Gimmie another week or so, 'cause I've got some fun surprises planned. Should be pretty entertaining for the whole twelve people still on FiMfiction these days, right?

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Comments ( 8 )

So far, so good.

Lookin' forward to it, pardner! :ajsmug:

Stay well.

Everybody seems to be writing more these days. I'm glad. A small silver lining to the mountains of crap we've had to put up so early in the year. Not that catastrophes now are any worse than catastrophes later. That I know of.

Can confirm, LANCER is indeed rad as hell... though my group switched from it to Pathfinder post-pandemic since Roll20 doesn't like hexes much. Still looking forward to getting back into my Minotaur and melting some processors. (I managed to base my pilot on Sunburst more or less by accident.) Until then, I'm the one herding cats as a bunch of half-human royal bastards try to find the lost bard-king. (Because of course he was a bard.)

Mind you, that's just on Saturdays. I'm working from home through the week, working in writing where I can, and also colonizing a deserted island for/paying off my crippling debt to a raccoon captain of industry.

I'm well enough. Start working next week. Can't wait to get my hands dirty again. I'm a grave-keeper.

So far, so good.

I'm doing well. This pandemic thing caught me in the middle of buying a house, though, so I'm hoping I can get that finished up before my area goes on full lockdown.

I give it 50/50 odds. On the one hand, we're pretty far into the pandemic. On the other hand I live in Arizona and "That there Trump guy says it's almost over and he knows everything. MURICA!!!"

My job is considered essential so I'm still working. If anything, we're a bit busier than usual.

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