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Signal Boost: The Magic Continues · 5:16pm Feb 16th, 2020

The Magic Continues is a collaborative effort by a number of fanfic authors, editors, and other content creators to produce another season of Friendship is Magic in narrative form.

The fandom could use more involvement in a project like this. Involvement can be anything from writing, editing, prereading, or artwork, down to simply responding to surveys .

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Hmmm, interesting, I'll have to keep my eyes on this. You know what I'd love to see/know? What were the writers planning had Hasbro not pulled the rug out from under them.

They wanted to explore the Young Six primarily, and do more with some of the Ponyville foals. Those storylines couldn't be the show's focus because of the Mane 6, but there was a lot of untapped potential there.

Nods, "I honestly think they were planning on moving the Mane 6 to the back burner and putting the odd squad front and center, it explains why they were the teachers, it leaves them available if it doesn't work. Of course if'n I'm remember the timeline right, we got new writers, they created the school and the odd squad, and then Hasbro announced season 9 would be the end, putting the kibbitz on it. Shame too, the Odd Squad is so very diverse and reflects the fandom much better.

Lead Writer here.
Because of legalistic reasons, (Writer NDAs, DHX hacks, Hasbro Trademark, etc) we aren't able to formally talk about what may or may not have been planned behind closed doors at DHX, but I can tell you we are aware of these things, and we've had some off-the-record conversations with members of the original team (both writing and the rest of them) about what they think a project like this should get into. Keep in mind that the show creators were all saying they hoped projects like this would spring up to keep making stories and content after they'd moved on.

Not sure you're correct about the new writers: my understanding is that they kept almost all of the same people for the show's entire run, writers included, and only added a couple people per season.

Ah, glad to see some people've found this post who hadn't already heard of this. :)

Thanks for posting this, I would have had no idea about it otherwise.

Where exactly should I keep an eye on for the voice acting? I scanned the info but there were no definites.

There's a Discord group, probably linked in the article. That would be the best place to ask questions.

Involvement can be anything from writing, editing, prereading, or artwork, down to simply responding to surveys .

Except writing. Writers are explicitly not invited. They "already have a large team of well-established authors" (apparently, RockstarRaccoon, GM Blackjack, Pickleless, Semillon, and Mystery Muffin). I sent an email asking if they wanted to see some scripts, but never got an answer.

My guess is that this is a group of friends who are writers, and are trying to get artists, voice actors, and animators to animate their stories.

This should not be correct. I'll ask Rockstar.

Bad Horse is good author. If he's interested in helping out you should totes take him up. I'm surprised we'd be turning any good writers away, really. At the very least, you can never have too much editing and prereading.

Where did you send the E-Mail? I'm not aware of anypony getting one from you. You totally would've qualified for an invite, but we sent out a LOT of them between the few of us who were sending them out...

I'll talk to the team about sending you the Discord link, but I will say we're already locked in on that first batch, so you'd have to get in on the second one.

You are correct though that we don't have an open invite for writers: the idea was that we want pnly proven authors, who we know can deliver high-quality stories. There are plenty of people who would want to write on a project like this who've never even been on the front page before, and that's fine if they want to write their own stuff elsewhere, but we wanted to front-load the team with people who could carry it on our own: every one of the people on the current writing team had a story on the front page in 2019, when the project started, and every one of us has proven to be capable.

5206239 Oh, that makes sense. Sorry for jumping to conclusions. Also, I got your email.

Yeah, it's not an Email account we use for anything but sending out surveys and maintaining a couple accounts that we don't want anyone's name on, and I do most of the overhead for that stuff, so I'm the only one checking.

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