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State of Delay · 6:52pm Jan 25th, 2020


as a month has passed and, despite their kind nature, Christmas wishes might be a bit past expiration date, I wish to shed a little light on my writing and creating situation instead. There has been far too much silence from me for the last year and it should be at least somewhat remedied.

Of course, I am far from going into a long tirade over my personal situation. The truth is rather plain – responsible, stressful job, a layer of health matters and general negativity of life around. That is enough to push writing out of my priority list and, in return, leave me without much of a creative outlet. To my chagrin. That being said, my desire to write, create, bring joy and sadness, fear and hope has not gone anywhere. It watches, waits and holds its breath for as long as necessary. Hopefully, not long now, as I wish to convey my plans for the immediate, publishing future.

Journey with a Batpony remains my main and most important project. Considering the point of the story it has arrived at, next chapter of it shall be a standalone, optional read as I have previously mentioned, as matters of hot springs and heated romance are not to everybody's direct liking and a bit above and beyond the "Teen" rating of the tale. The creation of said piece is almost done, though I have to confess that I had completely re-written it at this point three times already and I am only now arriving at a point where I am satisfied with the outcome. As soon as the final touches are done and the cover art is ready (it's being developed as I am posting this) I will be glad to publish it for everybody's pleasure. I have also begun work on the next, regular chapter, so it should not take that long to have it published afterwards.

My two other ,"hiatal" stories: The Rose and the Serpent and Grave Matters might see more development after I am content with the progress of the "Journey", though I shall not make immediate promises, since life has a tendency of making me break those.

Further stories from me are a matter of many factors, so I shall be even more careful about announcing anything at the time. I would love nothing more than to throw more tales your way, in legacy of the departed show that brought us all here, but that all remains to be seen.

And, perhaps what I should have started with – my most sincere apologies to my readers for the silence and stillness. Even if I am not posting anything, or commenting, or blogging, I am still around. And I am boundlessly grateful to all of you that stayed and offered me kind words over the last months. And over the last years. A creator's true joy comes from the emotions he sees his works invoke. I wouldn't even remain here for that long if it weren't for you, so once more – my honest thanks. I hope to be a better, more productive artisan in the future, as long as there is inspiration in my mind and breath in my lungs.

So, as always... stay tuned.


Comments ( 12 )

As someone who dabbles in writing I know how much life in general and one's mental state can affect the creative process.I have only recently found your writings but have enjoyed them very much,and am looking forward to each new installment of the Journey with a Batpony series.I wish you well wishes and may things in your life improve so you can do what brings you the greatest joy :)

Huh, and I had just been wondering about Journey with a Batpony yesterday. Glad to hear you're still around and writing, I'm very much looking forward to the results. That said, life can be a pain at times, and it's always good to prioritize yourself over what is ultimately just a fun hobby we all enjoy the fruits of.

I may not have read all that there is to read, but I got to say I Love Journey with a Batpony and I really hope you keep doing what you love, there are Far to many writer's who stopped their great stories, and I really hope this story of yours, does not join them


Thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot.


Oh, I'm very much around, just sometimes... maybe a bit distant. Writing is a fun hobby for me as well. It's just that life often has other plans.


That won't be an issue. I love the "Journey" as much as you all do and I want to see it through.

It's fine alot of stories I have bookmarked have not updated in ages just like to know that this is not dead and real life comes first I love to see you write more but not at the cost of your personal health or sanity


Yes, but writing is a part of my real life and I would love for it to be a bit bigger again. :twilightsheepish:

True I'm just glad you are able to still do it,it is one of the best stories on here

It is always nice to hear some good news from you, Gulheru, but fear not, you don’t need to apologize.
Even if this has been a long hiatus, I’m sure that the quality of your chapters is definitely higher than chapters written when you’re distressed :twilightsmile:
I’m also very surprised that writing about hot springs requires the mature rating :rainbowhuh: Just kidding, I know that there will be a lot of mizyat and tulit :rainbowlaugh:

it’s being developed as I am posting this


Good to have you back man!

And, perhaps what I should have started with – my most sincere apologies to my readers for the silence and stillness.

Oi, don't apologize for something you didn't get wrong. What you've already given us is a goddamn treat, and the site is lucky to have you on it. Never forget that. We're all glad you're still here and will happily wait as long as you need for more of your stories, whatever they may be.

Also, don't forget to do this if things are getting a bit heavy. Actually, even if things seem fine you should do this. Pushing ourselves beyond our limits and pretending nothing's wrong is a regrettably common practice that blows up in our faces sooner or later.


Maybe I don't need to, but I want to. I cherish all of you here and I want to provide great tales for everybody to enjoy, after all. :twilightsmile:


Hah, treating oneself might be helpful, yes, but the best solution for my needs would be to finally post something after all. And that shall come, I can promise that.


Oh, I'm alive. The story is as well, by this point. Just a few finishing touches.

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