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    The Red Cloud War saw the pegasi lose everything to the griffon hordes. Legends rose, heroes died, and through it all, Pathfinder survived. Eighty years later he must confront those painful memories. Memories of loss, of home, of the wind and stone.
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I ain't dead yet · 4:40am Jan 16th, 2020

Wow, been a while, huh?

Yeah, not gonna lie, running around from convention to convention keeps one pretty busy! So where the fuck has this old man been the past few years? Well, mostly doing art, selling at conventions, and dealing with the drama of life. But that aside I've never forgotten all of you, the joy this site and fandom have given me, or the stories that I've left here. To that end: heres what I've got in store:

Aside from a few as yet untitled one shots, I can report that Wind and Stone is nearly complete, and I intend to start publishing chapters every Monday. The release for that I'm thinking will be early February. I cant thank my friends Loyal Liar or the 24th Pegasus enough for all the help they gave me, particularly ghostwriting some chapters when I was down after surgeries or as trade for art. Feathers of Blue and Gold is also quietly in the works, though I admit I'm mad at myself for some writing choices. I still haven't figured out how to resolve them all, but I'm working on it. As for the other stories I'm tinkering on, well, best not to promise too much. We shall see what comes together.

The new decade is here, and I have work to do.

Talk to you all soon!

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Ayyy, now that's great news!

Yeah, not gonna lie, running around from convention to convention keeps one pretty busy!

Don't I know it. I have no clue how people do them nearly every weekend, 1 a month is enough for me. It gives us/me time to recover and do all the background work needed to keep the booth running. Add hotels, changing convention details, trying to guess what product will sell best and what won't sell so we can figure out what to bring more of. Not as easy as people would think. (Thankfully still not as hard as running a convention but still exhausting)

Wow! Good to see you back dude! If you start updating Blue and Gold I can reread Fire and Rain again! It's been ages since I first read it, so that's going to be a nice bit of nostalgia.

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