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The final chapter of "Moments" is now up · 12:41am January 11th

I finally posted the final, long-planned chapter of "Moments", authored by Grand Moff Pony and myself. Below is part of the afterword to that story, which appears in The Worst of Bad Horse.

"Moments" is a peculiar story.  I wrote the first chapter as a stand-alone story.  Two weeks later, I added chapters two through six without changing the first chapter, turning it from a horror story, to a hopeful story, with a bit of comedy and a refutation of a major mathematical theory in economics along the way.  One day later, I added chapter 7, which is just a picture of a green Pangaea. For the third time, I thought I had finished the story.

In May of 2014, Grand Moff Pony sent me yet another chapter for the story, which he had written, set in Switzerland in the late 19th century.  You can read it here .  It may be better than the chapter I just posted.

He wanted to post it in Horizon's "Never the Final Word" collection of continuations fanfic writers have made of other fanfic writers stories.  But I loved it immediately, and asked to post it as the final chapter of "Moments". GMP foolishly agreed, not knowing my habit of sometimes spending years on a story.  Over the next year, he wrote three more versions, none of which I was entirely happy with. Finally, on the last day of 2018, I took advantage of the free time provided by New Year's Eve to stay up and write the fifth version.

So now, it's a story with four consecutive endings in it. Each is a complete ending to everything that came before. I'll post my thoughts on why I think this works, tomorrow or the next day. But not now. Read the story first.

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Comments ( 7 )

By strange coincidence, I just published a Christmas story.

5184149 By strange coincidence, I'm also about to publish a Christmas story. Stranger still, it's by Georg. But I won't post it tonight.

You're five days late.

Unless you're Russian, in which case you're still inside the window.

Unless you want to go traditional, in which case Christmas goes until Candlemas in February.

no, only my facts are allowed! :raritydespair:

5184151 Thank you, Uncle Bad Horse!

Ah, you've posted it, great!

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