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Holiday Check-In/ Comic Update and Concept Art · 8:06pm Dec 23rd, 2019


Happy holidays to all my readers. I pray that everyone is having a good time this season. It does pain me to come with nothing in regards to No Hugs or my other story. I've said it before, I do not like to start a project only to have nothing left once all have been caught up with. I've come with another roadblock that does not concern No Hugs, but my comic: starting it.

Contrary to ending my No Hugs story, "Comic Lamb" is much different. My team and I have plenty of ideas for what is to follow the first two chapters. It needs to begin on the right foot. I know exactly how to end each "season" or even end the series if need be; a lot of safety measures have been made in order to not let any cliffhangers occur if the comic has to come to an abrupt close.

I find it ironic that it's not ending, but starting it that is the problem. Of course, with my time invested into the comic, my thoughts have been on it than No Hugs. This is certainly feeling like an "another excuse" blog no doubt. However, that's how it is I suppose. This is something original, not some fan fiction as blunt as that may be. However, No Hugs will end. I just need to hunker down and storyboard.

Finally, I do have a direction for the first two chapters. That needs to be done first. Then, while my team works on polishing, I can focus on the last two stories I plan on finishing. I've come to the conclusion that No Hugs and Urge to Feel are the last projects to be done here on FiM. I'll do another blog about other unfinished things here another time.

To compensate, here are some artworks regarding the comic. Thanks for waiting, and Merry Christmas.

Freak, out.

Nightmare Loneliness



Dawn and Ferrum

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