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A Teaser · 3:37am Oct 5th, 2019

Evil shapeshifting love sucking bugs, a corrupt ancient ruler bent on enslaving the world, an evil so old that it had all but been written out of history itself, and a fallen princess who wanted to turn the world to night for all of time, that was to say in his nineteen years in Equestria the lean purple dragon now sitting in his boxers on an oddly large heart-shaped bed had seen some shit. Equally true, he had seen the return of a powerful and magnificent empire, even saved it, witnessed six of the greatest myths of all time return as if nothing had ever happened to them, befriended a god of chaos who had turned his Ogres and Oubliettes nights into unbelievable and real adventures, and seen the ascension of a nerdy unicorn into a alicorn princess, that was to say that his imagination had fuel to grow vast and powerful, not unlike the wings folded against his back. Yet, for all of his experience and all of his dreams, none had ever dared crystallize into the reality he now found himself facing. The green spikes on his head that ran all the way to tip of his tail seemed to twitch as the frills on the side of his head picked up the start of the music, the signal that the routine was about to begin. His heart beat fast, and if he was able to sweat he was sure his palms would be clammy in anticipation.

Something is coming. Something new. But let's play a game shall we? If you can guess what's about to happen, including which two female characters are about to show up, then I'll pm you the next paragraph and promise to finish this story in two weeks. Oh, and since I'm feeling nice, I'll allow three winners to get a bigger taste of this morsel of my next story. (Not a hint)

Oh, and a bonus hint! To my knowledge this has yet to be done and to my disappointment this has yet to be done. Searching these 3 characters in clopfics will result in 0 returned results.

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Comments ( 9 )

Gabby and Smolder saunter in and perform a striptease?

Unsure what you mean by 'search in clopfics', so I'm going to guess...Spike, Rarity, and Gabby...and with mention of 'routine', some sort of dancing.



I should of mentioned I'm going to give this 24 hours before revealing anything, even to the winners.

Ember, Smolder, and Rarity?

I'm gonna guess it will be Ember and Gabby, that at least fills the no current clopfics clause.

2 girls 1 Spike you may take 2nd a guess

flurry-heart and raven inkwell!?

Daring do and little strong heart!?

A crystal pony and that geologist mare from princess spike!?

TELL ME!!!:flutterrage:

Gonna guess then Spike, Rarity, and Gabby.

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