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BronyCon 2019 Swag Post! · 11:36pm Aug 7th, 2019

Figured I should make one of these before attempting a con write-up.

I normally don't get too much swag at cons, for several reasons. One is because I've been to so many over the years, and the other is that I just don't have much space for that sort of thing where I live. I did manage to grab a couple of things this time. Firstly, this awesome t-shirt Andy Price was selling (mostly pre-order only):

I was sad I never got the original print of it years ago (2014?), so now I can wear it! Otherwise, this is everything else I got at the con:

Pictured here (left to right, top to bottom):
- A Staff yearbook I got for free randomly (it's basically blank, not much stuff in there).
- All my lanyard stuff, as well as another panelist badge to add to my collection. The picture didn't turn out super-well, but my badge has "SHITPOST" on it, courtesy of ROBCakeran.
- Horizon's book, personally signed to me by him and Skywriter.
- Horse Voice's book, because I gotta support my man.
- The "problem child" page. There's a story behind it, I swear!
- A head sketch by Sara Richard, featuring a character from my upcoming story.
- An awesome full commission from Tony Fleecs, of a really cool scene I've written.
- Cold Spike's book, which he was giving out for free at the Sunday night dead dog party.
- The conbook.
- Bonnie Zacherle's personal story of how she created MLP, told in children's picture book format.
- A (con-exclusive?) comic I snagged for free.

So overall, not the most interesting batch of stuff, but my walls can't really take too much more in the way of prints, and I don't really have space for knickknacks. I'll see what I can do about a con report over the next few days!

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Wat. Did I not give you a copy of my book?! :raritydespair:

Oh yeah, and you ran a panel late at night that I did a lot of talking in from the audience (sorry about that, I get mouthy when I'm sleepy).

Wanderer D

My thoughts exactly! He didn't get one of mine either!

5101771 5101808
Nope. :raritydespair:
The room was pretty rowdy in general, and I think we were able to roll with it pretty well.

Wanderer D

5101825 I dunno, 5101771, this one doesn't sound like honest regret.

Sheesh I guess now I have to pay to ship you one for free or something.


In all seriousness, the logistics of our return journey are awful, and books, unfortunately, are heavy for their size. Otherwise, we'd have both bought more of them.

But it's okay, because we can just buy unsold copies of... oh, wait. :facehoof:

Wanderer D

5101875 LOL don't worry 5101838 knows I still :heart: him.

Hiyo, I am here to stalk you and ogle your swag. :pinkiehappy:


Wait. Did I ever sign your book? I don't remember if I did that.


It was a great panel! I learned many things!

I learned that Pen Stroke is the new M.A. Larson. Wings for every-Nyx!
I learned that Odysseus is the ancient predecessor of Miss Frizzle.
I extrapolated that Jesus is canon; The Bible is fanfiction.
I extrapolated that the final book of Game of Thrones is going to be a fixfic of the HBO show.
And I learned that the future of the Brony fandom is in my hands.

We're so boned.

Bonnie Zacherle's personal story of how she created MLP, told in children's picture book format.

:pinkiegasp: I totally would've grabbed one of those if I'd known they existed.

It was great seeing you at LineCon :eeyup:.

wow, that's a good loot, there. And I love that shirt! Good thing you were able to get one :P

Didn't even buy my book


jk lol :pinkiecrazy:

An awesome full commission from Tony Fleecs, of a really cool scene I've written.

I'll post that pic of you two in my blog post.

5101878 5101858
Uh oh. I'm really in trouble now. :pinkiegasp: If you really do want to work out something like this I'm not worthy! then we can chat details over DMs/Discord.
Heh, thanks very much for coming to the panels!
It was awesome seeing you, too! The books she sold were only at her panel in Hall of the Sun, and she only had a few for sale. I was sitting front row centre, so I was able to get up to the stage before everybody else.
I wish you could've been there. I met your friend and told him to send you my regards. The shirts were all done via pre-orders, and I was lucky enough to spot it and buy one before stock ran out. Andy had a few for sale at his booth in some select sizes.
Both cash and bag space put me on a pretty nasty budget. I wish I could've been like those madlads who were able to buy one of everything in hardcover, but alas, there was no way I'd have gotten home (and I couldn't even line up for the vendor hall early enough before some books sold out).
Thanks! I was meaning to ask you about that.

Great meeting you again, Gary, stay cool.

It's always a pleasure!

5102198 No worries, mate. Was just fucken with ya. :twilightsmile:

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