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Writing graduate who loves cartoon horses and all manner of silly things. Occasionally writes serious stories. A divine Swedish woman drew this avatar.

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Catch GaryOak at BronyCon 2019! · 3:32am Jul 29th, 2019

A con blog post? Everyone else is doing it.

This year, I am fortunate enough to be running two panels! I'd love to see you there. If you can't, then I should be fairly easy to spot at the con, since my lanyard has 10 Pokemon Gym Badges on it.

Writing Comedy: How to Make Your Horses Hilarious Thursday 2:30PM - 3:30PM Hall of the Moon

Learn how comedy can convey serious subject matter and provoke thoughts. Seasoned writers will show you the difference between random and "randumb"—because even Pinkie Pie follows inner logic.

Featuring: GaryOak, Shakespearicles, ROBCakeran, Skywriter, and GaPJaxie

It's in Our Hooves Now: The Importance of Fanfiction After the Series Ends Saturday 11:30PM - 12:30AM Hall of the Stars

Learn the importance of writing in a universe where the canon has stopped, and embracing the legacy of a phenomenal series.

Featuring: GaryOak, Shakespearicles, Pen Stroke, and GaPJaxie

As desperately as I wanted to, I did not contribute any book for the bookstore. Nothing I've published thus far that isn't rated M is worthy of book-form (I put out a feeler blog post a long while back and didn't see any interest, really). However, if you want some form of me in dead-tree form, pick up my mentor and great pal Horse Voice's Biblical Monsters and Other Grim Tales! He gave me the honour of writing the foreword, and I happily obliged.

My flight leaves Tuesday evening, so I'll be about from Wednesday all the way until very very early Monday morning. See some of you there!

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Maaan, I wish I could be there. Good luck on your panels! :twilightsmile:

A pity that I live in Mexico, I would like to see you, but I also send you my good vibes, and a great abrasion and I wish you luck.

Thanks! Paneling is a ton of fun, and I'm looking forward to running them again this year!
Thank you. I'm sure it'll be a fantastic time. It always is.

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