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Hold your ground but do not be unkind. (Ponyphonic, "Shy Heart") He/him. Ponyfic Roundup reviews every Wednesday.

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So, I guess all we have left now is... · 12:46am Aug 5th, 2019

...BABSCon. And TrotCon. And Everfree Northwest. And Ponyville Ciderfest. And Whinny City Pony Con. And HarmonyCon. And GalaCon. And UK PonyCon. And BronyScot. And Griffish Isles. And Czequestria. And SEAPonyCon. And AliCon. And CNPonyCon. And...

...yeah. Fandom's dead. Time to pack up, everyone.

Seriously, though: it is the end of an era. I know the demise of BronyCon will leave a gap in the schedules and in the hearts of a lot of people in this fandom. I don't want to diminish that, and I hope that if that applies to you and you were there this year, the happy memories will outweigh the feelings of loss. I also hope you had a glorious time in Baltimore. And for some people this will be the point at which they decide to get off the ride.

But for the rest of us? The fandom's not going anywhere. It won't be like it is now -- but the fandom now isn't like it was in 2013. And the fandom in 2013 wasn't like it was in the S1 days. And the fandom in the S1 days wasn't like it was in the G1 days. It's never like it was in the old days. Embrace that.

There won't always be this My Little Pony fandom. But there will always be a My Little Pony fandom. And there'll still be room in it for all of us.

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Star trek fandom has been around for years.

...and it's just as weird.

(not saying that's a bad thing)


Yes it can be and I am a trekkie myself.

Exactly. Same thing as MLP: different shows with different characters and settings, but it's all still Star Trek. When G5 of MLP comes along, it'll be different from G4, but still MLP. :twilightsmile:

What goes up must come down. But when it comes to entertainment and fandoms, if you go high enough, you might never touch the ground again.

There will always be people who have ponies for their profile pics on YouTube, Facebook, and whatnot. There will always be new stories to read, new art to admire, new Generations to watch, new episodes to analyze. Heck, the over-optimistic side of me wouldn't be surprised if this fandom has a nostalgia-induced resurgence 5-10 years from now. Though I'd still feel perfectly fine if it didn't.

It may never be the same, but the life we once knew can still come by and say "Hello."

Author Interviewer

how do I upvote blog

Anyway, come to Trotcon!


Amen to that!

I hope the cons that happen in California still go on
I live in Los Angeles and going to Baltimore is a bitch, so I tend to stay behind feeling jealous that others can still go there.
Probably another reason why I don't feel so bad about this certain Brony Con ending

I heard there's some brony cons occasionally happening in California so there's always that. I just need to graduate and then learn how to drive and get a job. Maybe at some point I can still attend a con in California someday...

The only drawback is that BronyCon had many Fimfiction people there. Any Fimfiction people attend that California con I talked about?

I also live thousands of miles from Baltimore (not even in the same continent, in fact -- I'm English!) so I get how it can seem impossibly far away.

BABSCon is definitely coming back in 2020, and that's one of the heavyweight cons with a four-figure attendance. That's in Burlingame, CA. I don't know which specific Fimfiction people go to it, but I'm sure some do.

I heard about BABSCon. That seems like my only chance so far.

Sucks that Los Angeles has its own convention center (30 minutes away from me) but it never hosted a brony convention in its lifespan.
Oh well, at least it hosts E3 every year? *shrugs*

And with my luck, if I do ever go to BABSCon, the FimFiction people I actually like/care probably won't be there.


Sucks that Los Angeles has its own convention center (30 minutes away from me) but it never hosted a brony convention in its lifespan.

Although the distances are smaller in the UK, a similar thing's happened here. The nearest large city to me (Birmingham) has never hosted a Pony convention in the entire G4 era, while Manchester has had heaps. It's a little irritating.


And with my luck, if I do ever go to BABSCon, the FimFiction people I actually like/care probably won't be there.

I don't know whether you've attended any other cons, but one thing I would say is this: don't go to one just for one specific thing. Cons are about the range of stuff on offer, too. I mean, hardly any Fimfiction people go to cons in this country at all. I wish they did, but it hasn't stopped me having fun at ours. :yay:

Fair enough then.
But yeah, BABSCon is my only hope.

A 6 hour drive though, oh well, better than nothing.
Boy I need to learn how to drive. That or find a good bus/train trip from Los Angeles to Burlingame then get a good bus pass for the Burlingame buses.

1. Find 10 people who go to Babscon.
2. Follow them.
3. Learn to care about some of them.
4. Go to Babscon and meet the people you care about.

(Also: Learn to drive BEFORE driving 6 hours to Babscon. But there oughta be a bus; it's California.)

I'm stuck on Step 1

I guess "Anyway, come to UK PonyCon" doesn't help much in this situation! But for anyone in Britain who's reading: anyway, come to UK PonyCon. We need more ponyfic people there.

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